How to Convert YouTube to MP3: A Complete Step By Step Guide

If you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3 here is a complete guide for you. Tired of sitting down to watch YouTube videos when you can just listen it to as MP3, this tutorial will help you to play any YouTube video as MP3. YouTube to MP3 is a free service that helps to convert YouTube to MP3 or MP4 with the same sound effect with HD audio output.

Out of numerous MP3 converter online some are so easy to use with no registration and for free. However if you find it extremely difficult to convert YouTube video to MP3 using both online and offline converter on both smartphone or PC you will definitely find the post an amazing one and a worth sharing article on converting YouTube videos for free.

How to Convert YouTube To MP3 For Free

Listen to YouTube video as MP3 while sleeping with out literailly watching a live YouTube movies? Here is what you should do to enjoy that. Not that this post will not teach how to listen to YouTube online as MP3 rather to convert your favorite YouTube video to MP3 and be able to listen to it offline.

Below are top notch services to extract MP3 music or songs from YouTube video and listen it to it with your gadgets music player.

1. SaveFrom YouTube to MP3 Video Converter

SaveFrom is my favorite free online tool to download Facebook video, SoundCloud MP3, Daily Motion video, Vevo video, Instagram video and download YouTube as MP3 files. With a ads-free SaveFrom net service it extremely easy to download YouTube video as MP3 with just copy and paste procedure.

YouTube to MP3


SaveFrom net online service offers output MP3 in the HD ever and allows you to choose your desired MP3 songs output once conversion is done. Everything that has to do with SaveFrom net MP4 conversion take place on a single page.

To Download YouTube video as MP3 read this complete guide on How to Extract MP3 From YouTube Video Using SaveFrom net.

2. YouTube2MP YouTube to MP3 Video Converter

This site got my back when I was tired of using SaveFrom net to download YouTube as MP3. YouTube2MP3 is yet another popular online website to download YouTube video and convert it to MP3 without registration. If you are looking for the fastest way to convert your favorite YouTube to music here is an online tool for you.

YouTube to MP3


With the user friendly interface of YouTube2MP3 online service you will surely find it as one of the best. One of the reasons you won’t let YouTube 2 MP3 service passes you by is the ads-free interface that encourage smooth YouTube to MP3 video conversion. Learn How to Download Videos From YouTube With YouTube2MP3

3. ListenToYouTube YouTube to MP3 Video Converter

When I was search for how to download Youtube to MP3, MP3 from YouTube Video, FLV to MP3, Extract MP3 from flash video, Download MP3 from YouTube, Video to MP3 converter, convert youtube to mp3 and Online MP3 converter I landed on ListenToYouTube online video converter website to any audio file format.

YouTube to MP3

Converted videos on ListenToYouTube can be in MP3, AVI, FLA  and any other audio format without registration and all for free. Learn how to download YouTube video in MP3 format using ListenToYouTube.

4. Convert2MP3 YouTube to MP3 ideo Converter

Convert2MP3 is yet another popular online free service to convert YouTube video to audio or music output for free and without registration. It is easy to use convert2MP3 to extract MP3 from YouTube videos. With convert2MP3 copy and paste YouTube video URL you can download tons of video at a time.

YouTube to MP3

If you don’t want to download YouTube video as MP3 you can download it as M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WMA, 3GP, AVI, and WMV using convert2MP3. Meanwhile, the only thing that is required to download videos as MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WMA, 3GP, AVI, and WMV using convert2MP3 online converter is just an internet connection.

To download your favorite YouTube video as MP3 read how to download YouTube as MP3 using Convert2MP3.

VidtoMP3 YouTube to MP3 Online Video Free Converter

VidotoMP3 is an amazing alternative to some YouTube video downloader. The list of services you can use VidtoMP3 download online include the following sites  YouTube, MegaVideo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh, Myspace, Break, iFilm, Bolt, ClipJunkie, ClipShack, CollegeHumor, FunnyJunk, Glumbert, GoFish, Grouper, Hallpass, MilkandCookies, Putfile, SantaBanta, Sevenload, Sharkle, Shoutfile, Vimeo, vSocial, Yikers, ZippyVideos.

YouTube to MP3

So if you see any video you want to download from the list of sites above either as MP3 or MP4 you can easily use VidtoMP3 to convert the video to MP3.

What vidtoMP3 does is that it generated an MP3 link for you to download from the video URL you copied from your favorite video site, say YouTube. In less than a minute you are done converting your favorite video to MP3 for free.

To learn how to use VidtoMP3 read how to download videos as MP3 using VidtoMP3

This list will subject to update on YouTube to MP3 online tools to keep it up-to-date based on number of users and websites’ popularity.

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