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YouTube Music Videos: How to Extract Music From YouTube Vidoes

How to exploit  YouTube music videos is very simple and direct. Just copy your desire YouTube video and paste the link into an appropriate website we are sharing below and the YouTube video will be convert to Music.

It was YouTube videos section I was aware of before now, but when I started my YouTube channel I got more knowledge about YouTube music library where you can download free music and add to your video.

YouTube music library musics and sounds effect are total free and can be added to your YouTube video background before you uploaded it to your channel.

YouTube music videos extractor makes it very simple to extract music from YouTube videos. Just like ripping only the video from YouTube instead of you to download the video and music background completely from YouTube.

There are many websites and software that can be used to rip or extract YouTube music from the video free without pay a penny. And here in this post, we will share with you two remarkable ways you can use to rip or extract music from YouTube videos or MP4 without tampering with the quality of the video itself.

Since we are not converting the YouTube video to MP3, then our job requires less effort and it will be done in a jiffy.

However, before you extract your YouTube music videos ensures that the video or the music does not have a copyright placed on it so that you will not infringed another man’s privacy.

YouTube Music Videos: How to Rip Music From YouTube Using VLC

VLC media player is a very popular video and music media player for both PC and smartphones. Here in this section, we will make use of VLC to rip music from your favorite YouTube video and still maintaining the quality of the music and the video at the same time.

Note: The tutorial here is only for PC or Desktop users to extract YouTube videos music for free. For Android users, we will get come up with another tutorial on how to extract music from YouTube videos in the mean time.

1. Download and install VLC media player on your PC first

2. Download and install YouTube video downloader to your computer so that it will be much easy for you to download any YouTube video you would like to rip its music.

3. Launch the VLC media player on installed from the first step above and navigate as follows: Media –> Convert/Save –> Add–> Select the video

youtube music videos

Note: This method is not for YouTube videos only, it can also be used to rip any MP4 music

4. Select convert from convert/save drop down menu option or press alt “O”  on your keyboard and change your conversion output profile to MP3.

youtube music videos

5. Select your Video MP3 destination through the destination part and click on start button

youtube music videos

And finally, it make take a while for your YouTube video music to be ready, but once done the music should be ripped off the video.

This is the for YouTube music videos ripper and you can enjoy this service provided VLC media player is still in existence. However, if you don’t enjoy this method then the second method will be perfectly okay for you.

YouTube Music Videos: How to Rip Music From YouTube

This first idea to extract MP3 from YouTube MP4 was that you must download the video first and then use VLC media player to extract the music from the video. But what will happen in the case where you don’t have enough data to download YouTube video before ripping it?

Then issues surface right? Well, you are not the only person in that shoe, and that is the exact problem this second method proffer solution to.

The following procedure will enables you to extract YouTube music videos for free completely.

1. Visit YouTube website and search for the video your want to extract its music and copy the URL.

2. Go to  and paste the copied YouTube URL and the click on continue button.

youtube music videos

Note: You can also upload your own MP4 you want to extract its music via the upload and convert file section.

3. Click on MP3 and then start button on the same page and your video to MP3 conversion will start immediately. You can also choose your MP3 out but I always recommend HD output.

youtube music videos

4. Once the conversion is done, the size of the audio converted will be display and you can then download the MP3 or music to your device for offline access.

youtube music videos

Repeat this same process to exploit YouTube music videos extraction without stress.

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