YouTube-MP3: Most Popular YouTube to MP3 Convertisseur Online Sites

If it is true that you need the latest YouTube-MP3 convertisseur website to download YouTube video as MP3 or audio and or listen to YouTube as audio instead of video or MP4, here is a post for. Most times we prefer to listen to music instead of video and not having audio format of your the MP4 on your gadgets will make it a little bit confusing.

So to avoid confusion or been left in the dark when you want to list to YouTube video as MP3 here is what you should do to with YouTube-MP3 convertisseur to convert YouTube MP4 to MP3 with just a single click.

The idea behind YouTube to MP3 online websites is that they prompt users to copy and paste the video URL they need the audio format and provide a link to download the video as MP3 legally and without violating YouTube policy.

In fact, there are many of the said websites online to to convert YouTube 2 MP3 but some are deadly in the sense that they can easily pass malware to your computer and have access to your files if not properly encrypted.

Meanwhile, if you have issues protecting your files and keeping your password secure you can check out the top password keeper with just a master password to help protect your files. And more so, always use the best anti-virus both on your PC and on your smartphone.

Here in this post our team have scrutinized these YouTube-MP3 websites and found out that they are malware free, less ads display, user friendly, and easy to use as YouTube convertisseur for a beginner without registration and for free.

Below are the list of our recommended online YouTube converter from video or MP4 to MP3 you can use without registration.

Most Popular YouTube-MP3 Convertisseur Online Websites

Just feel free to use any of the following YouTube convertisseur online to rip MP3 from any YouTube video for free and without registration.

1. YouTube2MP3

If there is any website you have in mind to start converting YouTube to MP3 it should be YouTube2MP3 converter. With current global Alexa rank of 2860 YouTube2MP3 is recognized as one the most popular websites to download YouTube-MP3 for free online and without registration.


The websites is users friend and ads-free, no pop up ads to disturb your YouTube conversion. You can easily convert YouTube video to MP4 or MP3 depending on your choice of output. While you intend to use YouTube2MP3 website here is what you need to do to download your favorite YouTube as MP3.

How to Convert YouTube-MP3 Using YouTube2MP3

i. Visit YouTube and search for the video you want to convert to MP3

ii. Copy the video URL and paste in the YouTube2MP3 video link box and select your output

iii. YouTube2MP3 will generate a link to download the video as MP3

iv. Click on download as MP3 or MP4 and you are done.

2. Convert2MP3

Convert2MP3 is a multi-task YouTube MP3  downloader online site. You cannot only download YouTube video as MP3 on this site, you can also set your video output as MP4, WMA, FLI,M4A, FLAC, AVI and the rest.


Additionally, you don’t necessarily need to access YouTube before you can download your desire YouTube video as MP3 and other outputs. With global Alexa rank of 728 as at the time of writing this post Convert2MP3 is definitely one of the most used and trust worth online YouTube-MP3 website.

How to Download YouTube-MP3 Using Convert2MP3

There is no special skill needed to convert YouTube video to any other forms of output using Convert2MP3. Below is what you need to do to download your favorite YouTube video as MP3.

i. Visit convert2MP and paste the video URL in the first video search box OR search for the exact video using the video name or title or artist and click on convert or search to convert.

ii. Convert2MP3 will search for the YouTube video and generated a direct link to download the audio from the video.

iii. Then click on download MP3 and you are good to go.

3. YouTubeMP3

There is only one thing that attracted me to YouTubeM3 and the feature is really amazing. And that is the website volume adjuster. To access this special YouTubeMP3 feature just click on more option and you will be able to adjust your MP3 output. By default the audio output volume is 100% but if you want something moderate you can reduce it or increase it to meet your demand.


Another notable feature is the editing feature of the YouTube online video converter. Suppose you want to use the converted video as a ring tone you can use the same website to adjust the audio and cut off some part of the audio to please to hearing.

How to Convert YouTube-MP3 Using YouTubeMP3

Here is how to convert YouTube video to MP3 using YouTubeMP3 along sides its amazing features.

i. Visit YouTube and search for the video you want to download and copy the video URL

ii. Open a new tab on your browser and visit YouTubeMP3

iii. Paste the YouTube video URL copied above and select your output (MP3)

iv. Click on convert for YouTubeMP3 to generate a download link

v. Click on download button to download your MP3 conversion or click on edit to edit the audio before your download it.

vi. Drag and drop to fully adjust the audio output and click on finish after editing

vii. Finally, click on download to download your YouTube video.

YouTubeMP3 is an amazing YouTube-MP3 tools but not popular with a global Alexa rank of  85,200 at the time of writing this post.


ListentoYouTube is my favorite of the all with these features: Youtube to MP3, MP3 from YouTube Video, FLV to MP3, Extract MP3 from flash video, Download MP3 from YouTube, Video to MP3 converter, Convert youtube to mp3, and Online MP3 converter.

YouTube to MP3

With just a single go button on ListenToYouTube you can do all sort of things converting YouTube video to all sort of output.

Converting YouTube to MP3 via ListenToYouTube requires you to copy only the video URL and paste it in the appropriate section and you are good to go.

How to Convert YouTube-MP3 Using ListentoYouTube

The steps below walk you through the exact procedure to download YouTube video as MP3 using on ListenToYouTube with just a click.

i. Visit YouTube and search for the video you want to download and copy the URL.

ii. Open a new tab and visit ListenToYouTube

iii. Paste the video URL copied from YouTube address bar and click “Go”

iv. Your video will be processed to MP3 with a download link

v. Click on the download link to download the video as MP3.

5. YouTube-MP3: How to Listen to YouTube and MP3 ON Smartphone

It was not part of my plan to share this as part of this post when I started writing it. But I discovered that most time you may just don’t want to download MP3 and just want to listen to it directly from YouTube. If that is your plan, here is how to listen to YouTube-MP3 directly as MP3 on smartphone without download.

1. Download and install Tube Mate smartphone app

2. Search for the video your want to download and click on it to watch

3. Click on the download link and select audio from the pop up

4. The YouTube video will begin to play as audio instead of video and you can minimize it to perform other task.

Here we are at the far end of the post. If you love this YouTube-MP3 post kindly share it with your colleagues on social media.

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