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How to Create Yopmail Temporary Email Address in 5 Secs

Let have fun with Yopmail temporary email address today and see the fantastic features of the temporary email address generating site. We all have free email right?

I mean email like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex, Hotmail or Outlook, etc which are fee email service provider but what about fake email address or temp email address sites?

We have tons of them as well… Some of the most popular fake email address generating sites include Temp Mail, ThrowAwyaMail, MyTemp, EmailOnDeck, Guerrilla Mail, GetAirMail, Mailnator, Mailto and YopMail is the most popular among them.


we will see what makes Yopmail temporary email address generating site the best among others.

So you can always search for best alternative to it but it’s still the best.

What is YopMail Temporary Email Address About?

This is indeed a good question… I think you know about other free email service provider and how to create free email address?

If yes, then Yopmail is simply the alternative of those email service providers.


Yopmail simply provide fake email address instead of real address for max of 8 days. And that is what makes it a great fake email site.

Other alternative to Yopmail only keep fake email addresses for maximum of 3 days. So if you are making money from take survey online and you don’t want to spam your real mailbox with messages you may consider taking a fake email address all for free.

How to Register a Fake Email Address on YopMail Site

Unlike normal free email service providers where you have to create a unique username, password, first and last name etc Yopmail fake mail generating site doesn’t require that. All you need is just choose your own fake email address or let the site generating one for you randomly.

However if you are create Yopmail address for the first time kindly follow the procedure below to create your Yopmail temporary email address for free.

1. Visit YopMail fake email service provider on any connected device.

2. Navigate to middle-right of the page enter your Yopmail fake email address, choose a desire address and click check inbox

Yopmail temporary email address

3. The moment you clicked on check inbox you will be taken to your mailbox. If your mailbox is new it will be empty but in my own case, I have been using it for a while and I have some messages in there.

Yopmail temporary email address

Note: Yopmail mail address also have an extension e.g

 How to Change Yopmail Temporary Email Address

This is Yopmail feature you have to be very careful with else you will lose all what you have in your old Yopmail address. Yopmail allow random fake email address selection without violating any rules but you will lose everything you have in the previous fake address.

If you are interested in creating a random fake email address for group of people you should consider using Yopmail random address and you are good to go.

Personally it is advisable to generate your own fake address instead of random fake address selection so that you will be able to memorize it.

How to Create Alternative Yopmail Temporary Email Address

This is a super-charged feature of Yopmail you can’t but use. On Yopmail, you can still keep your real fake email address from spammer using alternative fake email address redirecting mailboxes to your real Yopmail fake address.

The idea is that you will still want to keep your fake address clean from spammers. With alternative Yopmail address you will be able to filter spam messages and you will only receive a real message in your temp email address.

Yopmail temporary email address

Are you using Yopmail temporary email address service and what has been your experience so far?

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