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How to Create a Yandex Mail Account in Simple Steps

Yandex mail is a Russian based free email service provider and as well as major Russia search engine. With Yandex email service provider you can create an email account just like Google mail, Yahoo mail AOL mail, Outlook mail, among others.

Research show that Yandex mail service provider is one of the top 10 Email service provider maintaining the 3rd position after Yahoo mail.

So it will be awkward not to pay attention to Yandex mail email service and how to enjoy the free email service provider from Russia.

I am definitely not new to Yandex free email service and I have been using the free email provider’s service for ages now. However, that won’t be a barrier to start from the scratch all you need to create Yandex email account successfully.

Yandex email is very easy to relate with just like other popular email service provider, it has a friendly interface and easy to use account set up.

yandex mail

How to Create a Yandex Mail Account

It doesn’t matter the number of email account you have access to. What matters is the ability to monitor your email account and keep your login password save.

However, based on my experience I have found some password keepers that can be used to save and secure tons of account login details with a master password to access your login information in return.

So, you may not necessarily have to bother yourself on how to keep your Yandex email account password with the existing email service provider you are currently using. That being said, below are the step by step procedure to follow to create a Yandex account.

1. Visit passport registration page and fill your Ynadex account details and click on send code. Yandex automated machine will send your account registration code to your mobile number, copy and paste the codes in to the code’s space, confirm it and click on register at the bottom of the page.

yandex mail

You have successfully created your Yandex mail account and you will auto login to Yandex account. In case you don’t have a valid phone number and you want to create a Yandex free email service, click on I don’t have phone number and ask few question to create your account.

How to Login to Yandex Free Email on Desktop

The Russian free email service have different login for desktop and mobile. If you have successfully created your Yandex free mail service and you would love to login to Yandex on desktop, you may find this section very useful.

1. Visit Yandex login page on desktop through this link 

2. Enter your Yandex username and password, and then click on login

yandex mail

And you have successfully login to your Yandex free mail service.

How to Access Yandex Mail Account on Mobile

Yandex has an official app that can be used to access Yandex mail box on Android phone just like the way most people do on Gmail free email service provider.

To be to access your Yandex account on your mobile phone, kindly refer to the following steps.

1. Download and install mail Android app on your Android and for iPhone user. If you are reading this post on PC or desktop computer, you can quickly read how to install Android app from PC

2. Launch the installed app and enter your Yandex mail password and username. Henceforth, you can begin to access your Yandex account on your mobile.

Get to Know About Yandex Mail Disk

Yandex disk is exactly like your computer folder which enables you to save your entire files to Yandex server and your Yandex disk can be access from any device provided you connected to the internet.

For every Yandex account created, there is a Yandex disk space allotted to the account. Here we will take a look at how to use Yandex disk as a first timer. The following procedure enlightened you about Yandex disk.

1. Download and install Yandex disk on your windows computer (just 1630mb at first download)

2. You can upload files directly from your Yandex mail account or using Yandex disk desktop app you downloaded from the link above.

How to Upload Files to Yandex Mail via Account

When you upload a file to your Yandex account it can be access on any device provided you have a valid internet connection. However, you will learn how to upload files to Yandex disk directly from your site.

1. Login to your Yandex account and click on disk on the page tools bar

yandex mail

2. Click to close the save time pop up and click on upload on the center position of Yandex tools bar.

yandex disk

Note: You can only upload a maximum of 10GB files to a single Yandex disk account else you have to buy additional space.

3. Select the file you want to upload to your Yandex disk account and your file will start uploading. Note that you can only upload a maximum of 2GB files at a time.

How to Upload Files to Yandex Disk on Desktop

Once you have downloaded and installed Yandex disk desktop software, you can start uploading your files directly from your desktop without login to your Yandex account via browser.

1. Launch the installed Yandex disk software, enter your username and password and then click on log inyandex mail

2. You will see the Yandex icon after your desktop speaker if you are using windows OS and turn auto sync off to conserve your data.

yandex mail

3. Yandex disk will auto open Yandex mail depending on your settings and you will be able to share folders online with just a click.

Yandex mail service has proven to be one of the best free email service over the years with Yandex disk for desktop users.

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