Xperia Z1 still not get Android Marshmallow update. This is really disappointing and no one could ever think Android Marshmallow update will neglect Xperia Z1.

In the lineage of Xperia that are to get Android Marshmallow update, Xperia Z1 users never dreamt of Android Marshmallow update stoppage on Xperia 2.

Of course, Xperia Z1 has all it takes to qualify for the new Android M update but Sony turned a deaf a hear to the budget Sony Xperia Z1.

With the look of things and how Xperia Z1 users are taking and longing things with Sony, Xperia Z1 might end up getting Android Marshmallow update.

Sony Xperia Z1 users recently  petitioned Sony Mobile to include their device in the Android M roll out plan.

As recorded in the argument of Xperia Z1 owner on their petition on, they argued that although Xperia Z1 is old when compared to recent Xperia lineage but they claimed that Xperia Z1 still remain the best Xperia smartphone.

They further said that, Xperia Z1 still possesses the required specs to qualify the device for Android M update. And as a matter of fact, Xperia Z1 has a specs close to that of Xperia Z2 that merits the list of Sony mobile to expect Android Marshmallow update.

Although it was earler stated that Android Marshmallow update will not come to Xperia Z1 rather to remains on the previous Android Lollipop but will get a constant update.

So, with this petition against Sony mobile, chances are that for Sony Mobile to release another list of Sony device that will merit Android Marshmallow update without the use of custom ROM which may include Xperia Z1.