Xiaomi and Microsoft entered into agreement few weeks ago to enable Xiaomi smartphone to runs on Windows 10 OS. Although few of the earlier version of Xiaomi have already running on lesser version of Windows OS and now, it has been officially confirmed by Microsoft that Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Note and Xiaomi pad 2 will be able to install the new Windows 10 OS ROM.

Officially, the windows 10 ROM has been released to all Xiaomi device but it will come first on Mi 4, Note and Pad 2. Which implies that the power of windows 10 OS can be experienced on your Xiaomi device, the Windows 10 ROM will be made available to Xiaomi Mi 4 to try it out first.

Below are some of the pictures of Xiaomi Mi 4 running on Windows 10 ROM directly from Xiaomi and so far, the things have been working out perfectly with this new Windows 10 ROM but we all need to exercise patient as to whether the feedback from users will show that their bugs that needed to be fixed.

Image source: Gizmochina