Ever since I finished my NYSC program, I have not sat down and write a Curriculum vitae for a job interview. Not because I don’t want a job or don’t know how to write a Curriculum vitae that will offer a job interview of my dream. But, I am the type that is not too job freak I prefer working as my won boss and I am doing that, I believed everything work out for good. So, I don’t really need to be desperate in getting a job that does not worth my personal standard.

In actual sense, I don’t believe in writing a Curriculum vitae before¬†any available job. Each employer has a specific CV format for there job advert. And that is where employees do make mistakes. The CV they submitted for oil and gas job is the same CV they will submit for banking Job, which I considered out of the way.

If actually you want to write a Curriculum vitae, you should be able coined your information to match what your employer is looking for. And the mode of writing a converting CV change often. But the main part most employers look out for in curriculum vitae is the sincerity part of it.

Be sincere with the information you provide in your CV and be ready to defend it at any point in it. Back in the days of my early graduation, I applied for banking job and I did not hear from them not until after almost a year or so. You can’t believe it was on phone the client was asking virtually everything I had written in my CV, to my humble surprise, I could not even remember the exact time or month I submitted my CV to the said organisation but the person told me he would get back to me later.

Few days after, the same call came in and he had to tell me “I am sorry”, the available job is for a national diploma (ND) or National certificate in Education (NCE) and not for BSc. So, I wasn’t disturbed because I was not even desperate about job then.

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