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3 Ways To Know If Someone Else Is Using Your WiFi Connection Unethically

The way people are stealing wireless connection this day is very common. Internet users are very desperate about browsing the web this day without having the mind of paying dine and on the verge that there has either direct or unethical access to your WiFi connection, which would have been the only way out to have things done according to their wishes.

As a result of this and since they doesn’t pay dine for using the internet connection then they have the chance of downloading huge file thereby draining your bandwidth unknowingly.

Now, what keep bordering in my heart include; who is going to pay for the used internet connection? You right? Of-course it’s you! But there should a way out as to where to identify those that are using your WiFi connection unethically and without your knowledge. However, the purpose of this guide is to provide you a free guide on how to identify those that are stealing your network without your permission.

The simple analogy is that whether you provide WiFi connection for your school, company, home, hotel etc, you need to know the number of device that often connect to your router without your prime knowledge otherwise you might end up becoming a loser.

If you think knowledge is too expensive, do try ignorance

By now, the question that is likely to be burbling in your heart is how to really know if someone is stealing your WiFi network connection? Well, it is the right question you should ask by now. And looking at this topic, it’s indeed a broad topic via the internet with various means that can be used to identify those that are using your WiFi unethically, nonetheless, the ways we are about dealing with will definitely provide concrete answer to the exact question you just asked yourself on how to know if someone is using your WiFi connection without your permission or not.

WiFi connection

Check Your Router’s Indicator Lights

The essence of your WiFi router indicator light is to show your internet connectivity, hardwired network connection and the activities of your WiFi activities. So, when you are suspecting that someone else is using your WiFi without your permission, then shut down your entire network device and check your router’s indicator light. Under normal circumstances, switching off your network devices should as well put off the router’s light and if after that you still observed that the light is still blinking; then someone somewhere is tapping your WiFi connection without your knowledge. Although, this first method does not solve the issue but it’s the first step to be taken in order to know whether people are using your network connection unethically or not.

Check For Connected Devices

Before you can carry out this procedure, you must have Administrative access to the WiFi network as that alone would grant you the access to be able to check the list of connected device and identify their IP, MAC address and the device name if possible in order to have full assurance than you will be able to identify the unauthorised users. Following the procedure below will grant you the access to the listed possibility above.

  1. As an Administrator, login to your router with its IP
  2. Try to look for the list of connected device and see which one is not from your end and when that is done, you can easily identify the IP and the MAC address using your WiFi Connection without your permission and you may decide to track them down or change your password.

Use Who Is On My WiFi Software

Who is on my WiFi software is a free Windows software that can be used to know if someone else is using your WiFi. You don’t need Administrative authorisation before you can use Who Is On My WiFi as long as you are one of the network clients. With this Windows Software, you can placee a branch cut to what you want the software to scan in order not to waste your time or otherwise let the software scan your entire network for the list of connected device.

Fortunately enough with this software; the entire list of connected device to your network router would be shown and you would be able to identify those IP’s and MAC’s address that are using your WiFi Connection without your permission.

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    Thanks for sharing the nice tutorial. I only check with login my device. Found here two new idea and the Who Is On My WiFi Software seems like interesting, I’ll surely try this.

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