Don’t want to upgrade my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10 and needs Windows 10 themes on it, then something must be done to bring Windows 10 themes to the laptop.

But this is it, for me to enjoy this Windows 10 themes, I need to patch my OS which I believed will be able bit difficult except an ready to switch from Windows 7 to at least Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 was officially released this year, and many have upgraded to it, in fact a colleague is using the latest version of Windows 10 but what I need is windows 10 themes, then I simply need to go for it.

Below are my favourite windows 10 themes.

1. Silk for Windows 19:

Silk for windows 10

Download Theme

2. Vanilla:


Download Theme

3. Licorice:


Download Theme

4. Ini Theme:

Ine theme

Download Theme

5. Unity Inspired:

Unity inspired

Download Theme

6. Yosemite Black Theme

Yosemitte black

Download Theme

7. Numix Light:


Download Theme

8. OS X Yosemite Theme:

Yosemitte OS x

Download Theme