Is this actually a threat from Microsoft? Upgrade to Windows 10 now or pay $120 in July. Is Microsoft extorting users right or what exactly is Microsoft doing? Upgrading to Windows 10 OS shouldn’t be a must, as a matter of fact, users should be begged to upgrade their existing operating system to Windows 10 and not try to extort individual’s right in the name of using Windows operating system.

The Windows 10 update keep popping up on my Lenovo laptop but I was not moved by the features of the new OS. Gone are the day of Windows 7 and its stood out to be the Windows operating system, leaving behind Windows 2000 and the rest, Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and moved straight to Windows 10, why? No reason? We need a valid reason and reason why Microsoft is mandating the upgrading of Windows to windows 10. Because of hackers or malware? We all know that!

Windows 10

A note to Microsoft, users aren’t scared of upgrading to Windows 10 but we are scared of the likelihood of bugs in the OS. We cherish our files, value of data, and don’t want to loose pictures and good memories we have kept on our system running Microsoft OS for ages. We love what you produce and we do admire your creativity but we need assurance that we will be safe if we all upgrade our Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to the new Windows 10 with just a click.

As a matter of fact, the windows 10 is a huge file if you are downloading the soft copy yourself. When I first heard about the OS few month ago, it was around 3GB plus and a friend upgraded his HP Laptop running windows 8 straight to the new Windows 10 but before we know it, it takes forever to GET wireless connection which he used to get with just a click on windows 8. A blessed memory to Windows 7, for more than 6 years I enjoyed the good program in Windows 7 and I am proud to say I can leave Windows 10 for Widows 7.

Going by what is trending on the internet, Windows 10 has a lot of goodies and great features but do they really worth our files? ¬†We need an assurance that we won’t be bother with bugs of all sort and we will be hackers free. Microsoft, assure us!!!