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How to Use Whatsapp Web for PC Officially

Whatsapp app is total free for interested users. I use it, you use and your friends also uses it but not everybody knows about Whatsapp web.

Whatsapp messenger recent estimation shows that it has over 1 billion users as at February 2016 with over 900 millions active users including you and I but the total estimation of Whatsapp web users is still far less.

Whatsapp is free and it supports almost all phones. You can use whatsapp on Android phones, iOS phone, Symbian phone, phone that doesn’t support whatsapp app, and Blackberry. Meanwhile, as from December you will not be able to use Whatsapp app messenger on Blackberry again and some other phones that previous supports Whatsapp.

The idea of Whatsapp web is that you will be able to access Whatsapp online on your computer browser. You can use the web version of Whatsapp on tablet, PC, and Desktop provided you can scan Whatsapp QR codes on the browser with your smartphone.

Whatsapp registration is free. You don’t need email or password to use whatsapp. All you need is a valid mobile number.

Once you registered your whatsapp on your phone, you no longer need to re-register it on your PC to use Whatsapp web version. All you need to is just scan your Mobile whatsapp QR code using your PC and you are good to go.

What is The Work of QR Code in Whatsapp web?

QR Code is actually a 2D barcode that has the capability to store more data than the traditional 1D barcode. And the best way to reveal QR code is simply by scanning the QR code using a smartphone with barcode app.

For better authentication, QR codes are now used in most organization since it is better than the usually 1D barcode. So with Whatsapp using QR code, you don’t necessarily need to register with the app using email and password.

Why is it That Whatsapp Choose to Use QR Code for Whatsapp Web?

Don’t forget that during your Whatsapp registration, you only enter your phone number as a mean of registration and now that Whatsapp has introduced the web Whatsapp version, your account needs to be verified and be authenticated before you can use Whatsapp on your PC.

In a simple language, Whatsapp use QR code to authenticate your chat on web browsers. And don’t forget that we all have different QR code for our account authentication.

whatsapp web

How to Use Whatsapp on PC by Scanning QR Code

It only takes few steps to use Whatsapp on your PC web browser. The only limitation to using Whatsapp on your computer browser is that both your phone and computer MUST be connected to the internet.

Meanwhile to start using Whatsapp app on web follow the steps below and you are good to go.

1. Open a web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Opera mini) on your PC and visit

Whatsapp web

2. Go to your phone and click on the 3-dots at the upper right and then select Whatsapp web  from the drop down menu.

whatsapp web

3. Click on the “+” sign at the upper right after the step above and scan your QR code by simply place your phone rear camera on your PC web whatsapp to verify and authenticate your Whatsapp app details.

whatsapp web

4. Once scanned and you are connected, you will be able to access your chat on your PC provided the two devices are connected to the internet.

whatsapp web

That is all you need to do to enjoy Whatsapp app on PC through your web browser.

Update: The new whatsapp for web update now makes it easy for users to receive Whatsapp notification update on PC even if they don’t open a web tab for their whatsapp connection, meanwhile they MUST have followed the above processes to scan their QR code before they can enable desktop notification.

To turn on PC Whatsapp notification, click on turn Whatsapp notifications to get notified of new messages. On the pops up, you may want to click on got it green color and then allow notification as seen below.

whatsapp web whatsapp-web

If you have any issue using Whatsapp web for PC on your browser, kindly let us share the idea to makes it work together through the comment section.

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  1. I use WhatsApp on my mobile, so I was excited when I found out the company’s making it available on PC. I don’t always enjoy typing on a touch screen on smartphones, so having it on a much larger screen and platform is definitely a step in the right direction. Thank goodness they though of this!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Whatsapp team really deserve thumbs up for this…. The convenience is what I really appreciate most. With the Whatsapp web, I can now free my mobile for the moment am on PC and still use Whatapp app on it.

  2. The UI of the WhatsApp web makes a lot of sense to me and I actually prefer using it to using WhatsApp on Android or other mobile OS. All I have to do is stick to my keyboard. Nothing more 😉

    1. Hi Webwiz,

      That is just the idea behind the use of Whatsapp web Webwiz, there is convenience attached to using Whatsapp on PC compared to mobile

  3. Hello, once i have connected, will i get notifications on the web desktop even if my phone battery is low and my pone eventually turnd off?

        1. For now, to use Whatsapp web you must be connected on both devices and once you are disconnected from one you will loose access to your connection on the other. Meanwhile, the design is still not bad but subject to more improvement.

  4. The steps is well stated and easy to get thru. The web whatsapp works perfectly and fast. Weldon guy, good work

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