Whatsapp Web For PC: How to Use Whatsapp on PC And on Smartphone

This generation has witnessed countless number of mobile chat app among which are Skype, Telegram, BBM, IMO, Google Duo, Apple Facetime, and lot more. But no matter the number of mobile chat app you got to know or mentioned without Whatsapp you have definitely not mentioned them all. To crown it all, Whatsapp has introduced Whatsapp web.

It’s not about whatsapp mobile chat being popular or as the most used mobile chat app but the innovative features of Whatsapp such as Whatsapp web which makes it possible to use it on Desktop or PC and at the same times on your smartphone, two-step verification method, security features such as hide last seen, hide profile picture etc.

Meanwhile Whatsapp isn’t the first mobile chat that first introduced web chat. In fact we have seen that in Telegram and some other top mobile chat that stand the chance of being Whatsapp alternative and or competitor.

However this post was triggered by Whatsapp web for PC using bar-code to sync Whatsapp mobile chat to PC with the same Whatsapp registration number. If you don’t much on how to use Whatsapp for PC and how to logout web Whatsapp on PC, here is post for you.

How to Activate Whatsapp Web For PC

Using Whatsapp on PC is one of the feature on Whatsapp platform which I sincerely adore so much. It gives peace of mind while busy with my PC instead of chatting on two different gadgets at the time. Meanwhile the only limitation of Whatsapp for web on PC is lack of internet connection connecting your Smartphone to your PC.

For the purpose of this tutorial we assumed that you smartphone is connected to the internet and you are currently connected to the internet on your PC as well.

1. Download and install Whatsapp on your smartphone if you have not done that

2. Click on the 3-dots to the upper right of your mobile Whatsapp page and select Whatsapp web below Whatsapp new broadcast.

Whatsapp web

3. You will be prompt to visit web.whatsapp.com on your PC or Desktop to scan your Whatsapp code.

Whatsapp web

4. Place your Whatapp mobile scan code to your PC bar-code to establish connection between your mobile Whatsapp and web whatsapp.

whatsapp web

5. If this is done properly you Whatsapp messages will start showing on your PC or Desktop whenever you visit web.whatsapp.com on your PC and you will see the like of the Whatsapp image below.

whatsapp web

Note that you only need to sync your web whatsapp and your whatsapp mobile just once. Hence you just have to visit web.whatsapp.com and you will be connected to your desktop whatsapp without login.

How to Logout Whatsapp Web on Desktop or PC

Web whatsapp is just like when you login to Whatsapp on desktop. The only way to login to Whatsapp on PC or desktop without password or mobile number requires sync your Whatsapp mobile to web Whatsapp. However if you followed the steps above you would have successfully login to Whatsapp on your desktop or PC.

In case you want to logout of Whatsapp PC here is what you should do so that unauthorized person will not have access to your web Whatsapp on the computer.

1. Open your mobile Whatsapp on your Android phone and click on the 3 dot to the left and scroll down to web Whatsapp or Whatsapp web.

Whatsapp web

2. Then click on logout from all computers and your Whatsapp login on computers will be logged out. Note that this will logout your Whatsapp web on all computer.

Whatsapp web

If you want to re-established Whatsapp on your computer or PC again you have to perform the entire process from above.

With these steps you should be able to use Whatsapp on your computer or PC or desktop. However if you encounter any difficulty in establishing Whatsapp web and mobile Whatsapp together kindly drop a comment and I will be glad to help you out.

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