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How to Make Whatsapp Video Call on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

We understood the fact that you can’t wait to make your first Whatsapp video call. Well you are not the only person waiting for video call feature on Whatsapp, we too are very desperate to start using it.

The introduction of video call to Whatsapp mobile app has been a rumor for a while now, but we have finally confirmed it that video call for Whatsapp is finally here.

An open fact is that Whatsapp has over a billion users and that make it stands as the most widely used mobile messenger even used more than it parent messenger, Facebook messenger.

The Whatsapp video feature was first noticed by a folk at Androidpolice and we have been able to confirm it that Whatsapp video call is now part of Whatsapp free app feature.

The $19 billion free mobile messenger with over a billion user has taken a bold step to stay ahead of other mobile messengers with the introduction of video calling features.

Back in 2015, Facebook introduced video calling feature to Facebook messenger and now on Whatsapp.

Although the information at hand before we confirmed it that Whatsapp video call feature has been enabled claimed that the feature has not been officially rolled out which is true but we can always play around with Whatsapp video call apk file to start your video call on Whatsapp immediately.

Meanwhile, the way we used to make our first video call on Whatsapp was not official, it was actually by installing the beta version of Whatsapp 2.16.318 which is an apk file.

The official  free Whatsapp with video call is still at its infancy stage seeking Whatsapp users to join the league of those that will first try out the Whatsapp video calling feature.

In addition to Whatsapp normal voice call is the video call feature. However, if you want to be the first to use video call on Whatsapp among your fellas, here is a free ride we rode on.

How to Make Whatsapp Video Call on Android

Because the app is still a beta version, its thus stutter when we were try to use it but as it were, it is okay for a beta version. Here in this post we will share with you two valid means to use Whatsapp video features before it is officially out and when it’s out officially you can still continue to use the video calling feature with just an update of your Whatsapp.

We can’t tell whether the video call feature will be made available on Whatsapp web or PC version, but if perhaps it’s we will keep you posted.

This is the sacrifices we have paid to use Whatsapp video calling app, so if you think you want to pay the same sacrifices, then you can go ahead.

How to Make Whatsapp Video Call Install Apk Whatsapp

We are actually forced to use the video call feature on our Android by installing the apk file. The idea is that the current version of the free Whatsapp has to be uninstalled and then install the apk file for the video feature to be enabled since it’s not yet out officially.

To be able to make video call on your own whatsapp, just follow the steps below

NOTE: You will only be able to make video calls on Whatsapp to only your friends with beta version installed.

1. Back up your Whatsapp chat before you uninstall your Whatsapp messenger so that you can easily restore it back.

To back up your Whatsapp, navigate to settings—chats–Chat backup–Back up. And your Whatsapp back up will begin. Note that your back up will take a while to complete the processing depending on your chat size.

whatsapp video call

2. Uninstall your latest Whatsapp  and install the apk Whatsapp with video calling feature.

3. Enter your mobile number to login to your Whatsapp again, and now the installed apk Whatsapp.

4. Then, you will see a video calling feature on your Contact for video calling. And with the camera feature in place, you will be able to make video call as well as voice call on your Whatsapp.

What I Stand to Loose if I Install Whatsapp Apk File

It’s always nice to be conscious of what one stands to loose when taking a risk. Installing Whatsapp apk file is not advisable but for the sake of this tutorial, we just have to install the Whatsapp apk version.

However, what you stand to loose when you install this APK version is what we can’t really tell but it’s obvious that you might loose your entire Whatsapp chat if not backed up.

Since it’s an apk file, we can’t guaranteed that it’s virus free or bug free however, it works perfect and no hiccup surfaced when we installed the apk whatsapp video call. Meanwhile, we are not liable to any damage done to your whatsapp messenger or your phone installing the Whatsapp apk file.

I Install Whatsapp Apk File But the Video Call Feature isn’t Enabled

There is possibilities that you will not be able to use Whatsapp video call even after you install the apk file.

And the question will be why? Simple, for you to be able to use the video call embedded in the apk file, it is of great importance for you to uninstall your Whatsapp before you install the apk otherwise, it will still bring forth your old official Whatsapp app instead of showing the Whatsapp apk interface.

So, to be able to use Whatsapp apk with video call feature, softly uninstall the one you have on your, restart your phone and then begin the installation of the apk whatsapp as follow.

1. Launch the installed Whatsapp and accept terms and condition to continue.

Whatsapp video call

2. Enter your your Whatsapp number for verification and click on next

Whatsapp video call

3. A verification message containing your Whatsapp verification codes will be sent to your mobile number. Then enter the code into your Whatsapp for verification

4. If you have backed up your chat from above, you will be asked to restore backup, then click on restore to restore your Whatsapp chat backup. The process take a while though but it really worth it for the sake of enjoying Whatsapp video call on your Android, iOS and Windows phone.

Whatsapp video call

5. Once you have successfully restored your backed up chat, then click on next tab to continue.

6. Follow the interface to fill your profile details and your Whatsapp will start initializing and once done, it will take you to a page to set up back up for your Whatsapp, and once done click on done to proceed.

How to Make Whatsapp Video Call With Whatsapp Apk

This is exactly the real deal. To make video call with Whatsapp and we have finally arrived at that point.

If you have followed the entire step from above, by now it will be easier for you to make video calls on your Whatsapp. Garcia¬¬

Now, to make video call on your new APK whatsapp app just navigate as follows and enjoy it while it last.

1. Go to your Whatsapp chat home page and click on a friend you want to enjoy video call with and select the user’s ID

2. Click on call icon on the user chat page and a window will pop up containing voice and video call option.

Whatsapp video call

3. To start video call, click on video call option and you are good. You can start enjoy your Whatsapp video call henceforth.

Note: The limitation to using Whatsapp video call now is that the two end users must installed Whatsapp 2.16.318 apk else, it will not work.

How to Enable Whatsapp Video Call From Play Store

If you are scared of going for the above method to use video call on your Whatsapp, then you can rock with this. The Whatsapp video calling beta version is currently available at Google play store but for you to be able to use the beta version, you will have to show your interest.

And how do you show interest to use video call on Whatsapp directly from Google play store? Let quickly ride together on how to get access to Whatsapp Google play beta testing version.

1. Visit to join official Whatsapp video testing program Play Store and click on BECOME A TESTER for free.

Whatsapp video call

2.  And now you have become a Whatsapp video feature tester. In a moment, you will receive a Whatsapp tester update on your device and you are good to go.Whatsapp video call

Were you able to make Whatsapp video call using this tutorial? A comment will be appreciated.

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