Whatsapp video call activation is now available for all whatsapp users. So, if you have not activated your Whatsapp video call, this post is for you and if you have done the video call activation on your Whatsapp, you can easily share it with your friend to start enjoying it as well.

Few weeks ago, we published the upcoming of Whatsapp video call on most mobile platform, Android inclusion. However, the time has come for Whatsapp users to keep eye on Whatsapp video call invitation and start enjoying.

Whatsapp video call activation

How To Activate Whatsapp Video Call Feature

I got the video call activation from a friend who really think I have to activate my own Whatsapp video call and upgrade from only voice call to video call as soon as possible. So, following the procedure below you will be able to activate your whatsapp video call.

Go to Whatsapp Video Calling page and enter your Whatsapp number and click on agree to continue.

Whatsapp will start validating your whatsapp mobile number for Whatsapp video calling feature

After then, click on user verification on the same screen and you will be prompt to invite few of your Whatsapp friends to activate the video call feature.

And finally, click on human verification below invite section (Note that you mist invite at least 10 of your friends before you can process to human vverification and three groups).

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