The popularity of Whatsapp app is un-quantifiable and no other chat apps can stand the chance to compete with it or capable of being its competitor of the time. The fact that, whatsapp let you send and receive instant messages does not make it secure and your privacy is in danger. If you are the type that cares a lot about your privacy, most especially when it comes to revealing what you are, like government getting access to your personal data, then you need to stop using whatsapp right away.


It’s true that whatsapp help to minimize the cost of making calls over your local network carrier but can as well be dangerous. It’s not only whatsapp that has these cons, Google and Microsoft cannot be neglected as well in this wise but being a mobile chat app that almost all Smartphone users love and use on daily basis, then you must be conscious of the app.

According to Electronic Frontiers Foundation report, which is called “Who Has You Back”?, has ranked the biggest companies on how their user data are transparent and protective base on their privacies. The EFF which has been in existing since 2011 has it that most big company’s user’s data privacy give government to pry directly without user’s knowledge.

There are some criterion you need to meet before you can be approved by EFF concerning your user’s data, and on this; whatsapp was criticized on almost all the requirement alongside AT&T. Whatsapp chat which was bought by Facebook was not alongside gotten its approval like it parent “Facebook” base on its privacy when government ask for user’s data to be taken care-off the site.

This scoring of this EFF privacy base on the following, and any company that falls out of the circle is considered not save for user’s who do not like government to pry into is affair.

  • Whether they follow best practices for data security
  • Whether the company tells users when the government demands their data
  • Whether they are open about their policies on data retention
  • Whether they disclose when government asks for content to be removed
  • Whether they publicly oppose backdoors that let the government get easy access to data

Some of the companies that were considered saved in terms of user’s privacy include; Dropbox, Adobe, WordPress, and Yahoo. According to the EFF foundation, they said that “criteria we used to judge companies in 2011 were ambitious for the time, but they’ve been almost universally adopted in the years since then”.

Privacy is important and individual stand point differs from one another, and for whatsapp to keep the pace as it were there should be a privacy review in what interested user’s need to comply with so that the company might be considered save by EFF otherwise, leakage in their privacy settings may end up bringing down the user of the app.