Good news to all whatsapp users, with the new video call feature on whatsapp mobile chat app. Current report reaching us now revealed that whatsapp is working on the new video call features. The current whatsapp mobile chat app is featuring a video call feature alongside with the normal voice call on the chat app.

After the mobile chat app, whatsapp has introduced a VoIP in it latest update, is currently planning to roll out another version with a video call feature with version numberĀ 2:12:12.


A typical example of video call feature on mobile include the FaceTime, IMO, Skype and the likes. And with this new feature, you can not only make VoIP call only, but you can as well make video calls on it.

Right on the screen, you will see a small image depicting the image of the person you are calling. And it can be moved on the display. The feature of the new whatsapp video call include ability to mute the video call and change between the rear and front camera for your video call.

The official whatsapp video call which is currently available on iOS app store carries the version numberĀ 2:12:12. The beta version is currently under testing by tester to check mate the functionality of the new whatsapp video call feature. For more information about the new Whatsapp video call feature, see Macerkopf