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How to Use Videoder Video Downloader to Download YouTube Videos

There is a tendency that you want to know how to use videoder video downloader to download YouTube video on your Android phone.

Just like everyone of our readers here, we also love to download YouTube video on Android using YouTube video downloader for Android and video apk for Android phone is one of our favorite.

After we have tested series of YouTube Android phone video download we just decided to give videoder a big hug and decided to share with you how to download YouTube using videoder video downloader for Android phone.

So, if you are reading this post you will learn the exact method I followed to instaled video apk on my Android using Apk PC installer, and how I used the same video YouTube video downloader for Android to download videos on my Innjoo Max_2 phone.

Videoder is a powerful apk Android YouTube downloader developed for Android phone to search for YouTube videos, and download YouTube videos on your Android phone. Videos downloaded with videoder video offers the exact video resolution of the video and can be used to download YouTube video as an MP3.

Video video download for Android phones can as well be used to download videos from Soundcloud, Facebook, Vk, Dailymotion, etc.

In this post we will take a look at how to use videoder to download videos from YouTube, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

How to Install Videoder Video Downloader

There two ways to install videoder apk file on Android phone. Firstly you can download videoder using your phone directly from videoder official website or checkout apk sites and enable unknown source from your device settings to install apps from unknown source.

Secondly, you can use apk installer to install videoder directly from PC and on your phone without bothering yourself to enable installation from unknown source. Meanwhile, we have covered the in and out of how to use apk install to install apk apps from both PC and on your phone.

How to Download YouTube Videos Using Videoder video Downloader

Here I will share with you the exact way I used to download YouTube videos using Videoder apk app to download Videos on YouTube, Facebook, and MP3 songs on Soundcloud.

Downlaod YouTube with Videoder Part 1

1. Open the video apk app you installed on your Android phone following the procedure above and find the video you want to download using the search button.

2. Click on the videos if more than one that you want to download without generating videoder video download link and click on the white download icon to the right top of the page.

videoder video downloader

3. Select your video out put, we recommend you select 1080 for best MP4 video output and hits the download button below the page to start downloading your selected video(s).

videoder video downloader

4. A new window will pop up kindly click on running to see the list of videos you are downloading and hits the completed button to see your downloaded video(s). Meanwhile if any of your video is interrupted that can be found in interrupted section

videoder video downloader

This method is faster than generating YouTube video download link before you finally click to download the YouTube video on videoder video downloader for Android.

Downlaod YouTube with Videoder Part 2

This method is a bit different from the one shared above meanwhile it lead to the same point. The aim is to be able to use videoder apk video downloader to download your favorite YouTube video, and without wasting time let quickly highlight how to download YouTube using the videoder app via link generated.

1. Open videoder video downloader on your Android phone and find the video you want to download via the search box at the top of the videoder homepage.

2. Click on the video you want to download and videoder will fetch the video download link, duration, number of views, date uploaded and different link for MP3 download and MP4 download with related videos below the page.

videoder video downloader

3. Click on the the video output you prefer meanwhile it is advisable to always go for 720p HD MP4 for perfect definition.

videoder video downloader

Next we will consider how to download Facebook video using Videoder video downloader on your Android phone.

How to Use Videoder Vider Downloader to Download Facebook Videos

Following the steps below you will be able to grab and download Facebook using videoder video downloader on your Android.

1. Search for your favorite video on Facebook and copy the video url. If you don’t know how to grab Facebook video you can read our article on how to download videos Facebook on Android.

2. Open your Android videoder and paste the Facebook video link in the search box and click the search button

3. Videoder app will load the Facebook video directly and a download button to the left of the video page.

videoder video downloader

4. Videoder will generate generate your Facebook video download link and all you need to do is to click on MP4 to start downloading the video straight away.

With this you should be able to download Facebook video using videoder video downloader on your Android phone.

 How to Use Videoder Video Downloader to Download Soundcloud MP3

Finally we are at the far end of the post. Here in this section we will take a look at how to download Soundcloud MP3 using Videoder video downloader.

1. Visit soundcloud MP3 songs search engine and find the favorite song you want to download and copy the MP3 URL.

2. Copy the MP3 url from the address bar and paste the MP3 URL into your videoder lsearch space and click on search button to search for the song.

Videoder video download

3. Videoder will search through Soundcloud search engine and pops up an icon to download your MP3 song.

4. Videoder video downloader will generate audio link to download your MP3 song. Just click on it to start downloading your MP3 song from Soundcloud website.

Videoder video download

Finally, with this method you should be able to use Videoder video downloader to download YouTube videos on Android, Facebook videos and Soundcloud MP3 songs.

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