Video2MP3: How to Grab YouTube MP3 Using Video2MP3

There is a rumor that the popular YouTube MP3 download site “ ” is dead due to policy violation. Take heart if you are a fan, and here is video2mp3 to replace the popular YouTube-MP3 converter.

Meanwhile if you are a true fan of YouTube-MP3 org website you can just keep an eyes on the revamp of the website officially but till there, video2MP3 is a better alternative you need to consider.

Video2MP3 is available for mobile and on PC. For those that love using plugin you can use video2MP3 plugin for Chrome, or Opera or Firefox to grab MP3 music from YouTube videos.

Meanwhile, the purpose of this post is to provide a better alternative to YouTube-MP3 org. Hopefully, YouTube Mp3 will come back to limelight and you will be able to access it using search engine or via the website URL but you can also add video 2 MP3 to your list of available websites to convert YouTube video to MP3 with just a click.

What is Video2MP3?

Video 2 MP3 is an online tool to convert YouTube to MP3 with just a click. By default the website is available in English language but the language can be changed to some other languages such as French, German etc.

Tired of visiting video2MP3 site before converting YouTube video to audio format, you can simple download and install browser plugin to grab MP3 directly from YouTube video.

Note: To change the default language click on language drop menu and select your language from the menu. It worth noting that this language does not affect the language of the about to convert MP3 rather the language of the website.

How to Download YouTube Video As MP3 Using Video2MP3

If you wondered how easy and possible it is to grab YouTube video and convert it to MP3 here is a quick guide to follow on how to convert YouTube video to MP3 using video 2 MP3.

1. Open your browser and visit YouTube search engine. Search for your the video you would love convert to MP3 and copy the video URL from the address bar.

2. Open a new tab on your browser and visit video2MP3 official site or directly and paste the copied video URL into the search box.


3. Click on convert to MP3 tab after you have pasted the video URL and video2MP3 will redirect you to YouTube2MP3 official MP3 converted page.


4. Click on download button for MP3 download or save to Dropbox. The moment you click on download button it will be downloaded to your device download preset directory.

How to Grab YouTube MP3 Using Video2MP3 Browser Addon or Plugin

This is one of the amazing feature of video 2 MP3 YouTube to MP3 converter I really love. It makes grabbing YouTube as MP3 very easy. Below are the link to download video 2 MP3 add ons to grab YouTube videos’ MP3 with just a click. Download and install your browser plugin ; Chrome, or Firefox, or Opera. If you are confused on how to use the plugin refer to the add-ons page on video2MP3.

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