GTbank airtime short code has been extended to GTbank money transfer code and that can easily be done on any phone irrespective of the phone specs or version. With GTbank money transfer code, you can easily transfer money from your GTbank account to another GTbank account or from your GTbank account to a non-GTbank account.

The code to transfer money from one bank to another look exactly like the one used to buy airtime from your account but with little modification. The code *737* with some addition details can be used to buy airtime from GTbank account, either your registered number or not but now, with the same short code, you can now transfer cash from your account to another following the cashless policy in Nigeria.

Money transfer using this code follows two patterns, the first from GTbank to another GTbank while the second one is from GTbank to a non-GTbank.

One thing to notice in using this service is that if you are using both Savings and Current account with same phone number, you current account would be debited even if when you intend debiting with your Savings account.

GTbank Money Transfer

Transfer From GTbank To Another GTbank Account 

In doing this, you need to dial the short code *737* following by *1*and amount you want to transfer, followed by * and NUBAN account number and finally the # key, (*737*1*Amount*NUBAN account Number). Note that the phone number you are using must be the registered number.

Next, enter you GTbank ATM card and enter the last four digits number for transaction authentication.

And in few seconds or minutes depending on the service, you transfer would be complete instantly.

Transfer From GTbank To A Non-GTbank

This enables you to transfer cash from GTbank to a non-GTbank account and it’s simply simple.

Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No#

On the option that follows, select the name of the bank you are transferring to e.g. Zenith, Access, UBA, FBN (First bank of Nigeria), and DBA.

Now enter you ATM card last four digits and authorize the transaction and then wait for transaction to complete.

NOTE: Don’t be in haste in transfer another fund if you are transfer to another account you don’t own until you receive a message that the transaction was not successful otherwise, you might ends up transferring more than necessary.