You have heard of Payoneer master card and Facebook ads right? Let me tells you that both Payoneer master card and Facebook ads payment go hand-in-hand. You can simply use Payoneer master card as a means of payment for your Facebook adverts.

Payoneer master card works just like any other masters card there. It carries the normal 16-digits of other banks master’s card, with CVV and expiring date as required by Facebook when filling your payment method.

And it’s one of the best alternative to Paypal, most especially for countries that doesn’t support Paypal.

This is a quick guide on how you can use Payoneer as your Facebook payment method. Note that this doesn’t require an expert monitor, anybody can do it successfully.

Firstly, you need to create Facebook Ads account from your Facebook account manager if you have not done that.

When you are done creating you Facebook Ads account, then it is time to add your payment method and in this case, we are going to ad Payoneer as the means of payment.

How to Use Payoneer As a Payment Method For Facebook Ads

Following the steps below, you will surely be able to add your Payoneer detail to your Facebook account and use it as a payment method.

1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager page

2. From the drop down menu to the left, navigate to billing / payment method


3. Click on add new payment method (A window will pop up prompting you to chose either credit card or Paypal)

4. Chose credit card and enter your Payoneer 16-digit, the expiring date, and the CVV as it were and click submit.

Payoneer Master card

As simple as that! You have successfully add your Payoneer master card to your Facebook account as your payment method. And when next Facebook is to charge your account for your adverts, your Payoneer account will be charged directly provided you have sufficient fund otherwise, you are will stop running.