Glo subscription for blackberry (BB) and Android goes for different price and difference data cap. Android users don’t really seems to enjoy default Android subscription because of its price and data cap, while Glo subscription for blackberry seems affordable, better and with good data cap.

The Glo BB subscription still rocks on Android device as long as you can change the IMEI number of your phone and change the APN to the required one.

Since I got the new Innjoo Max2 I have been using the Glo BB subscription on the Android device and enjoy fast browsing on the go. It’s quite easy to turn your Android device to Blackberry and start enjoy normal Glo BB subscription for just 1,000 on it.

In case you don’t know how to change your Android IMEI number to BB IMEI number, just read how I changed Innjoo Max 2 IMEI number to BB IMEI number under five minutes.

Once you have successfully changed your Android device IMEI number to BB IMEI number, then you are set to use BB subscriptions on it.

How To Use Glo BB Subscription On Android Phone.

Details on how to use Glo BB subscription on Android device is detailed below.

1. Change your Android phone IMEI number to BB IMEI number and restart your device.

2. Dial *#06# to check your new IMEI number

3. Recharge the line with 1000 naira airtime and send COMONTH to 777

4. The money will be deducted and you will receive Glo automated message like the one below


5. Remove your card or restart your phone to activate your BB subscription on your Android phone.

Note: You don’t need Blackberry to do this.

How To Change Glo APN on Android

Now that you have successfully activated Glo BB subscriptions on your Android phone, the next thing is to change the APN from default to the one that works.

1. Go to settings—>More—>Mobile Network—>Access Point Name

2. Create a new APN and use as your new APN, and then set it as default.

And finally, you can restart your device and start flexing with Glo BB subscriptions on your Android device.

Note: The Glo BB subscriptions is what I’m currently using in composing the post.

With this, using Glo BB subscriptions on your Android device should be the easiest thing now