My Facebook Ads account was flagged few month ago and it was like a hell. Like serious, I said hell “NO”. The implication of flagging Facebook ads account is that you will not be able to advertise using Facebook with the same Facebook account, same post url, and some times, the domain name.

Unflagging Facebook ads account is not an easy task. In fact, you may not have the privilege to unflagged your account. In most cases, Facebook ads account team will reply you that their decision is final and irrevocable. At this point, a lot of Facebook advertisers quit and failed to move forward. In my own case, I have actually gave up but I  never dream of quitting.

Finding an alternative way to advertise using Facebook was my priority and all effort made proved abortive. The new account I used got its payment method disable. Some will be flagged instantly. And when I am lucky enough to escape the ordering page, after the first $25, it always seems difficult for Facebook to charge my payment method and this is absolute heartbreak.

Here in this post, I will quickly walk you through how I unflagged my Facebook ads account within few month and you will be able start advertising again.

In the first place, note that the team in the affair of Facebook ads and flagging are not bot. They are real human and they need to be related with like one. This is not to tell you that there is a preferential treatment but as human courtesy demand some respect and manner of approach. Even when you know that what you did with your Facebook account demand flagging you can still unflag it with manner of approach.

In my own case, I have lost hope and I don’t have the mind of regaining access to the ads account section but its happens like a film show when I saw the email. The subject was what actually caught my attention and the content of the message was woaw. Dream finally come true.

In my own opinion, I would not advise you to contact Facebook via your Facebook page and answer series of question. Not because it is bad but you may not get a reply till eternity and if they mistakenly reply your form, the reply may be unfriendly. The best bet is to contact Facebook ads account team via Email. Be lenient with your message so that they too will see at least an iota of truth in your statement and not trying to be smart, they are smarter you know.

How To Unflagged Facebook Ads Account

If I tell you I didn’t do anything so special, you may not believe me but I didn’t. Yes, I did not but I was so lenient and sincere with my mails. My first email took like a month before I got the reply but when it came it was friendly and I saw hope in it. What follows was means of identifications and some questions. See the attachment below and see how I responded to their questions.

Facebook ads account

Then, I attached my international passport as a means of Identifications. And the mail was received 27th March, 2016. On the 12th of April I was told my account has been restored to normal but still not. Then I got confused. In the mail I was told to login to my Facebook account and answer some question but trust me, those questions never came up. As I was able to login straight like I used to. Then I had to mail them again. See my responds below

Facebook ads

As seen from the image above, the mail was sent on the 12th of April. With the hope that they will consider my plea. And this beautiful email came on the 17th same month that my account has been restored. Isn’t that great? Trust me it is wonderful and full of testimonies. You too can just follow this simple strategy to convince Faceboot Ads account team to help you reactivate your Facebook account.