Probably because Innjoo Max 2 is my first Innjoo device, that is why the amazement about Innjoo Max two is too monumental. I was not anxious in unboxing the Innjoo Max 2, it was after almost two days that the smartphone giant company from Dubai, Innjoo releases Innjoo Max 2 for Thegeekiepedia to review and give our first Impression about the new device that we finally did.

Since we are not that familiar with the full function of Innjoo Max 2 except the device specs, I will only see to device from my first impression and what I saw during unboxing it.

In that wise, I will be giving a detail review of Innjoo Max 2, a first hand review will be released in the next one week, after I might have make myself familiar with it.

Like I said earlier, this post will only contain Innjoo Max 2 first impression during unboxing it and probably the first thing we noticed during unboxing the new Innjoo Max 2.

Unboxing Innjoo Max 2 First Impression

The beautiful Innjoo Max 2 is packed in a black case with a strip of red at the top and bottom entry of the device pack. When I opened the device the first thing that I saw in the package was the device itself, Innjoo Max 2 and other accessories were packed in another rectangular box-like, containing the charger, USB-cable, Hand free(ear piece) and a pin to unlock the SIM and microSD port.

Innjoo Max 2

If you are not familiar with Innjoo devices or Infinix mobility device or few of the recent smartphone, you might be confused on how you can easily remove the SIM card slot.

But with the help of the pin that follows any of this device, you can easily remove the SIM slot and insert your SIM card easily.

Innjoo Max 2 Photos From Sides

Below photos are the exact look of Innjoo Max 2 from all sides of the new smartphone.

Looking at the Innjoo Max two from the front side, the device features a 8MP front camera, a flash light and a earpiece to the center of the device, at the top

Innjoo Max 2

From the device right view, you will find the power button as shown in the image aboveInnjoo Max 2

And to the top of the device, the Innjoo Max 2 handfree plugin is locatedInnjoo Max 2

Moving to the button down of the new Innjoo Max two, USB cable charging point, the device speaker and the month piece is found there.
Innjoo Max 2

And finally at the back of Innjoo Max 2, a 13MP camera and LED flash light is situated, with the name of the manufacturing company inscribed below the camera.

Come next week, the detail hand review of Innjoo Max two will be published on this site. Just stay tune!!!