If Uber is dropping Google wallet, then there must be alternative for Uber users and reason(s) for dropping the payment method. Uber is dropping Google wallet for Android Pay on the 9th of May, 2016. Starting from the 9th, Uber will start using Android pay as its in-apps payment on Android smartphone. So, if you have been using Google wallet on Uber as in-apps payment before now, you will henceforth be able to use Android payment wallet since Uber is dropping Google wallet.

Back in 2013, Uber integrated the use of Google wallet as a payment method for its in-app payment but earlier this year, Google re-strategized its way by saying there should be peer-to-peer payment and the only alternative left for Uber is to quickly switch to Android pay as its in-app payment method.


To maintain customer and company’s relationship, Uber has mailed the concern customers concerning the change that is about to evolve in the payment method, so as to prepare for the change.

This implies that, Uber users who already set up Android pay on their Android smartphone will henceforth have an option to select Android pay as their payment method. And if you have not signed up for Android pay on your Android smartphone, you have to do that now and enjoy the bonus. The bonus is $10 when next you choose Android pay as you means of in-app payment on Uber and you can enjoy the bonus while it last. In short, Android pay is a Google mobile wallet and it rivals Apple pay.