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True Caller: How to Trace Unknown Number With Truecaller

Some apps are must have on your Android phone; they make you worry less and take care of your activities. One of this apps include true caller mobile app.

I cannot call myself a die-hard fan of Truecaller mobile application but trust me, it’s one of my most used app since I joined the Android phone league.  It’s funny that I got to know Truecaller app when I was so desperate at identifying an unknown number years back.

There was this unknown number that used to call and always want to infringe my doing day and night, and whenever I tried to trace the unknown number, the owner always took a step ahead of me by first listen to my voice, and once that is reveal to the unknown caller, the call will be drop but guess what?

While I was search for how can I identify this unknown caller, I came across truecaller app; it does not require any special ID except my phone number. No special password character to use true caller app.

Yes, you don’t need email and password to use truecaller, all you need is your mobile number as your ID. To identify the unknown number that has been calling me for days I had to install truecaller app but guess what, it was by ex that owns the number.

What true caller app do is to display the name used to register the SIM, locations and at times, address and lol and behold, it was my ex that has been disturbing with unknown number.

In short, what you will learn here in this post today is how to use truecaller app to identify an unknown number or caller.

What is True Caller App?

Truecaller is an app that can be used to identify an unknown caller when your mobile phone is connected to the internet either via wireless or mobile data without the number of your mobile phone contact list. Note only that truecaller app identifies an unwanted number or spammy number and blocked them from putting call true to you as if you have added the number to your phone blacklist.

One good thing about this app is that it tells you the name of the caller before picking the call if you don’t have the name stored on your Phonebook provided your phone is connected to the internet.

How to Trace Unknown Number Using True Caller App

Truecaller app is more or less a mobile number data base that can be used to trace an unknown number. Suppose a number has been disturbing your for days and you don’t know how to trace such a number, all you need to think about to trace the number is through the use of Truecaller.

You can track any mobile number down and know more about the owner of the number with the help of Truecaller. Meanwhile, you use Truecaller app to trace any number and at the same time trace the user identity via the app website.

How to Trace Unknown Number Using True Caller App

As earlier said that we will consider how to trace the unknown number disturbing using Truecaller. Meanwhile, under this section we will consider how to trace the unknown number directly from Truecaller’s website.

The steps below guides you how to trace unknown cell phone owner in few steps.

1. Visit Truecaller official website

2. 2. Enter the valid unknown number you want to identify the owner into the search option on the website with or without country code if you are not so sure of where the number is coming from. And login using appropriate option. The options available for logins are;Google, and Microsoft account.

true caller

3. Click on  search button for action

4. Wait for a moment for the website to search through its database and once that is done, it will display the unknown number’s detail he found on its database.

true caller

If you have not installed True caller app on your device, you can just do that now to help trace an unknown number without login ID on your phone.

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