I’ll share with you how to transfer Google drive ownership today with a plain and a non scary means. We all know that Google drive is an online Cloud where datum are stored to safeguard documents online. There is likely going to be need for you to transfer Google drive ownership from one domain to another domain, which is of course what you can easily do.

Without iota of doubt, there are quite a reasonable number of ways you can use to transfer Google drive ownership but here today, we are considering two means that can be used transfer Google drive ownership from the present domain to another domain.

Google Drive Transfer Ownership To Another Domain

Transferring of Google drive from one domain to another depend on the size of the document. Drive Migrator can be hefty on the server some times, and this has to do with your document folders and the content. While making this move sometimes, chances are that for you to encounter error because the coding techniques behind the transfer is solid and issues Google some few stretched issues. But the best way to have the Google domain transfer done is to wait for Google to improve the domain, however the best way to make Transfer of Google drive ownership possible if there is any error is to keep trying or reduce the number of contents or folder.

How To Transfer Google Drive Ownership

The two method explained below can be used to transfer Google Drive ownership, and here are the methods to follow.

Using The Google Drive Share Feature
No matter the quantity of document on your drive, they can be shared. So, no panicking even if the contents is a bit hefty, you can still share your document on Google Drive. Let begin without much time.

Step 1.

Open the document you want to share and tap the shared button located at the to right of your Google Drive page. Select the file and click the share button located at the toolbar.Transfer Google Drive Ownership

Step 2

A new window will popup, at the button of the page, locate the person’s Email you want to transfer the Drive to.

Transfer Google Drive Ownership

Step 3

Once you have successfully added the email of the person you want to share the document with, the added domain will appear. Now, beside each names there you will see a drop down menu, then click on the owner to allow the transfer to the document.

Transfer Google Drive Ownership Manually
This method enables you to upload and download between accounts. So, with this you can transfer document from one account to another even with your own.

Step 1

On your Drive page, click on the FILE, from the drop menu select DOWNLOAD AS and tap the MICROSOFT EXCEL extension in the display option.

Transfer Google Drive Ownership


StepĀ 2

Go to your Google drive account, hit the upload file and select the file you downloaded from on the previous step.

Simple and precise way to transfer Google Drive ownership. Is there any other means you have tried? Have you tried to transfer Google Drive ownership following any of this methods?