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Top 8 Websites To Download Free MP3 Songs For Mobile And PC

Do you have any of your favourite song you would like to download but find it very difficult to download? Or are you tired of paying for transferring songs to your mobile phone and your PC? If you want to stop paying for free MP3 songs on your phone, then you need to make use of the top website where you can download MP3 songs for free.

For the fact that the internet is growing vastly this day which bring about many website claiming to be the best place to download MP3 songs for free but when you try to download the said songs, you will discover that they are not what they claim to be. To ease you the stress of searching for where to download free MP3 song, here are the top 8 website where you can download free MP3 songs for both mobile and PC.

Top 8 Website To Download MP3 Songs For Mobile And PC

The free MP3 songs sites compiled here were not arranged according to their rank or number of free MP3 songs on each website, so feell free to make use of any of the listed website, they will surely serve you better.



MP3Raid is a MP3 search engine just like Google search engine. Ranging from local songs narrowing down to the latest international songs, MP3Raid has no issue in having a huge collection of this. MP3Raid is just about your favourite songs, that song which you have been longing for is right there in MP3Raid songs search engine. Using MP3Raid is very easy, right at the homepage you can access the top 100 search music/song, the latest 100 search and lot more and at the same time, you can search for your favourite song using alphabet.


If you want a song that is total free and legal, then you need to think of Jamendo. Jamendo has huge collection of different songs most especially international songs that are legal and free for downloading. The legality of all the songs on this site is so certain to the extent that, the entire song details were made available.

With over 400,000 songs available on Jamendo, it is still very easy to search for your favourite song without stress, and at the same time, you can stream your favourite song if you are not interested in downloading it in the first place.


If you just want to listen to top downloaded songs and probably download then after, then MP3Fusion is the right place to be. The fastest access ever than can be used to discover a new song is right there on MP3Fusion. Right on the homepage, there are two button that tells you to either download or play your favourite MP3 song.


MP3Box is as unique as its name. To be frank, it is another powerful website where you can download MP3 for free with easy navigation. This site enables you to listen to the top song from various online artists which you are likely not to have come across before. Search for a specific song on MP3Box is very easy with the use of alphanumeric search option. To know more about you desired song, just click on either the artist, song or the album and you will be able to access the full details of the songs.


YourMP3 is all about you. With this site, you can search for your favourite MP3, download then and use then as your mobile ringtones. Using the site does not require any registration, all is required of you is to search for your desired songs or view the newly added songs, the music charts, the site MP3 achieve and that is all. YourMP3 is also a great website to start showcasing your talent. If you are talented enough to put together some words to form a new song, and once approved your song will also be available for downloading.


If you are true fan of Hollywood, then this site is just for to download all sorts of Hollywood hits of your choice. Using SeekASong for your free MP3 song downloading site, you won’t miss out just a newly released Hollywood hit because the site Database is being updated on daily basis. Just like others, search for a specific song as well can be done using the alphanumeric option and you can easily access the top songs from so many countries such as Switzerland, Argentina, Europe, Belgium, Canada, etc.


Get-Music is a very popular website for download MP3 songs for free with direct link to free music, Chromium books, free album, world music zone, iWin, build your own home, free UK Mixtapes, Good music reads and lot more of it. If you love Bollywood hits, then this is the right place for you to start with latest released, date of release and the title.


This is yet another awesome website for download free MP3 songs for free. It is a music search engine that gives you all sort of MP3 songs of your choice all for free with personalized recommendation base on the song or music you are interested in.

These sites are very powerful when it comes to downloading MP3 songs for free or streaming live MP3 online, just dare each of the site and you will surely be convinced. In case you think we miss out your favourite free MP3 songs downloading website; please do make use of the comment section for the listing.

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