It has been long we discussed about making money with Google AdSense here on this blog. As a blogger, Google AdSense is our best friend, most especially on the 21st-22nd of every month when the alert comes in. Irrespective of your Google AdSense monthly income, it will surely help fixes some loopholes. And also our best enemy when the unexpected message comes in about invalid activities on our site. So, what are going to do? Simply, don’t put you eggs in a single box, just think out of the box. You can try to learn more about Google AdSense alternative even when nothing has happened to your account, and of course nothing terrible will happen to it.

Some are really making it big with Google AdSense while some, makes peanut in fact a little bit above AdSense monthly threshold. The magic behind making huge money with AdSense has to do with Keyword research, Traffic driving, targeting countries, to mention but few and here in this post, we are going to be talking about the top countries with highest Google AdSnse CPC.

On keyword research, there are some keywords that pays very well and when your traffic is coming from most African countries, trust me you will have low RPM and your CPC will be very low. Most especially when you do advertise your product of social media like Facebook, you will see the traffic coming but you will end up having poor RPM and CPC which will amount to low earning at the end of the day.

But, when you target countries with high CPC, either in your blog post or when you are advertising your site, you will have value for your money and all you need is few clicks from those countries and before you know it, you are good to go.

Countries With Highest Google AdSense CPC

Below are the top 50 countries with highest Google AdSense CPCP to boost your Google AdSense income over night.

No. Country CPC
1 United States 0.27
2 New Zealand 0.25
3 United Kingdom 0.23
4 Slovakia 0.22
5 Netherlands 0.19
6 Tunisia 0.18
7 Canada 0.18
8 Germany 0.17
9 Norway 0.15
10 Finland 0.15
11 Australia 0.15
12 Switzerland 0.14
13 Lebanon 0.14
14 Denmark 0.13
15 Spain 0.12
16 Chile 0.12
17 Israel 0.11
18 Albania 0.11
19 Italy 0.1
20 South Africa 0.09
21 Singapore 0.09
22 India 0.09
23 Sweden 0.08
24 Japan 0.08
25 Greece 0.08
26 Belgium 0.08
27 Austria 0.08
28 Poland 0.06
29 Nigeria 0.06
30 Mexico 0.06
31 France 0.06
32 Czech Republic 0.06
33 Argentina 0.06
34 United Arab Emirates 0.05
35 Romania 0.05
36 Ireland 0.05
37 Hungary 0.05
38 Bulgaria 0.05
39 Turkey 0.04
40 Puerto Rico 0.04
41 Philippines 0.04
42 Oman 0.04
43 Morocco 0.04
44 Malaysia 0.04
45 Luxembourg 0.04
46 Indonesia 0.04
47 Hong Kong 0.04
48 Unknown Region 0.03
49 Ukraine 0.03
50 Thailand 0.03

Not that these CPC’s sometimes varies when there are missed up from different countries, but if you can target the top 10 countries, you will surely increase your Google AdSense earning.