Playing games either online or in an offline mode is not just for fun, but a favourite way of whirling away some of my time. Playing game is my second best hobby, my PC is full of games yet I cannot but keep trying a newly found game most especially online. Larger percentage of my PC Hard Disk is currently occupied by games and that doesn’t stop me from checking out some other cool games.

Now the trick is, instead of downloading some of these games and install them on my Android or PC, I found that they can be played online as well without downloading them or without having to register before the gaming can get going. Some of the games are really funny, like the one you can easily play when there is no internet connection on Google chrome browser.

The fun of it is that, most of these games are mobile games but can as well be played online while on PC, more so, the games have really gained some ground and have in one way or the other made the developer a renowned developer with millions of cash.

If you are a game addict, then you must have come across few of these games on Google Play Store. Nevertheless, I’ll be sharing the top ranked game you can play online without downloading or any registration before you can start playing them.

Google Chrome Hidden Game

We all come by this game almost every time, when there is poor internet connection. Or let me say, when you could not connect to the nearest internet source on Google Chrome and as a result, you can use the time to kill some of your time with the inbuilt Chrome browser JavaScript, I wondered what this could be if not JavaScript game. You can play the game endlessly as long as you keep pressing the assigned key at appropriate time to jump and escape the barrier. This is how the game goes…. When you try to connect to the internet on Chrome browser and it tells you not internet connection or network problem, just hover your mouse to the duck like image and hit the spacebar button to start the game. Use spacebar and or up and down button to jump each obstacle and you can play the game until you feel like ….uggg, I’m not playing again.

Chrome game


PacMan game is a very popular game but only few can really tell how the game works. PacMan make use of the power of search engine (Google) and right on Google page, you can keep playing the game provided you followed the game concisely. It was funny when I landed on this game, but it was really fun to have come across such a game.


All you have to do, is just copy and paste “PacMan” in Google search without quote and hit the enter button. A doddle like design would display and then, you can start the game with a click on the “click to play”.


The name of this online game sound like; what is this right? Anyway, it’s actually a game that was developed by a 19 years old kid. The game requires little knowledge to get started but kind of hard to master. The logic of the game is that; you have to slide tiles of similar number to sum up to the next one, then sum another two similar number to give twice the product of the previous one and like that in a chronological order. For instance, 2 plus 2 gives 4, then the next gaming would be 4 plus 4, to give 8 and in that order until you end up in achieving the highest number which is 2048 without missing single arrangement.


Plappy Bird

I remember playing this game on my girl friend’s Samsung Galaxy, and it was a sweet experience. I found that this game was not easy to master but it’s what you can easily start with if you can spend hour(s) dealing with it. This game became very popular at the speed of light that you can hardly find Android or iOS user without running this game on their device.


Before this game was brought down from ANDROID store, it has gone far and wide and now, you can access the same game on your browser to whirl away some of your leisure time.


Sudoku is a king in the domain of the so called “puzzle games”. Sudoku really gave me tough time, and still giving me one. The Sudoku game is logical, tactics and requires some logic understanding. The logic is that; you have to fill in the empty boxes to make both the row and column a 3 by 3 matrix order of arrangement (Say grid) containing integers from 1 to 9. Could not say scrabble puzzle is better than Sudoku but they both require logic reasoning to play along with the two games. The sweetest part of the game is that; I catch the game train right on my web browser and freed some space on my Android.


The number of online games that does not really demand for downloading or registration before playing them are numerous, fewer survive the competition while those that couldn’t have to sit back to re-strategies.

Do you play games online and what are you in takes about online games.