Larger percentage of Android apps from playstore are free to use. As an Android addict, if we can’t afford to go for paid Android app, definitely the free ones should be able to serve us better to some extent.

Going through Google Playstore you will find out that there are hundreds of thousands of Android apps that are available for you but all are not paid, those free ones can still be useful and at times far better than the paid ones

Before you can really say an Android app is doing really great, you should perhaps take into consideration the number of download such an apps has, how many people are really using it, why do you think people choose to download the app so that you would not fill up your Android with junks of apps.

So, if you are able to provide a valid responds to all these question, definitely you will be able to choose the best Android apps of your choice.

This aspect of this blog is new anyway, since this is going to be the first list of top Android apps we’ll be sharing with your on this blog, definitely will try as much as possible to make this new category very interesting by updating the category with both top paid Android apps and top free Android apps from Google Playstore including some other relevant Android apps you should have to make life simple.

Also, as per the app that will be shared here, the selection will base on the ranking from playstore itself and as such, one app can keep surfacing in our update consistently.

Top 10 Free Android Apps This Week From Google PlayStore

The following Android apps are the most downloaded free Android apps this week so far.


The number of whatsapp user is growing everyday and new features are coming in likewise. With over 27,735,48 active user of whatsapp on Android reveals that it’s really a great mobile chat app most especially for Android user. These are so many features associated with whatsapp such as making calls, and some other relevant features.

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Whatsapp messenger gives you direct access to chat with your friends and family and receive your reply instantly.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a power app for Facebook chat. With Facebook messenger you don’t really need to login to your Facebook account before you can chat with your friends and family. Once you are logged in when you downloaded the apps, then you can easily receive any update from your friends on Facebook and reply to their messages according.

Facebook Messenger has over 17,654,744 active  user world wide according to Google play store stats.

DU Speed Booster

The easiest way to optimize your Android performance is via using Du Speed Booster. DU Speed Booster easily clean your phone caches and boost it up to at least 60% of its usual performance with an inbuilt anti-virus to protect your device from any form of virus. Speed booster free your device space and create room for better performance with just single click.

Du Speed booster have over 8,363,129 user according to play store stats and that show it’s indeed a great app. The speed boost apps is free for all Android devices.

BBM Apps

BBM also known as blackberry messenger is mainly for Blackberry phone but also available for all Android user. BBM works just the way Whatsapp and Facebook messenger works. On BBM you can share pictures, video, music, and apps with you friends. Instead of making use of mobile contact like you do on whatsapp, BBM gives a unique BB pin that friends and family can use  to add to you to their friend list. BBM have over 5,339,888 active Android user according to play store stats.


I personally called this website photo search engine. If you are a photographer or you love to share with people around the world your new look, your gorgeous outfit, definitely Instagram should be the starting point where you can easily leverages your exposure with people around the world.  With over 23,231,969 active user on Android, then the site is definitely up to some task and its worth accessing on your Android phone. All you just have to do on Instagram after registration is; follow people and they will follow you back instantly, you can even connect with your friend on Facebook.

Leo Privacy Guard

Leo Privacy Guard Android app have few users but it taking this exact position according to Google Playstore this week. With over 400, 000 active Android user on Leo privacy guard. What the app does is that, it helps to protect your privacy on your Android without having to worry about who play around with your Android phone. With single click you can privatize your app, SMS, etc with a unique password. At the same, the Leo Privacy Guard can be used as a parental child control system on your Android phone.

DU Batter Saver

DU Batter Saver is a must have Android app for all Android user. When you have so many startup app on your device, definitely your device battery will quickly drained off without any prior notification but with DU Batter Saver, you can extend your device battery life twice it existing life even with the startup apps. This Android app have over 6,654,924 active user and it’s doing pretty going on almost all Android OS.

UC Browser

If you are not using UC Browser on your Android you are really missing something great. You need to experience how it looks like to surf the internet with browser like UC Browser. The main feature of UC Browser ability to download apps, clean your browser caches, and at the same time help to organize your device download manager. With over 4,530,113,  active user on Android, you know it’s a great browser you just have to try.

Opera Mini Browser

If you really want to experience the fastest browsing ever, you just have to try Opera Mini Browser. You do not only have wonderful experience with Opera Mini Browser during browsing but you can also save data such as password while browsing. Opera Mini Browser makes browsing very easy and easy to navigate around your favorite website easily.

Jumia Online Shopping

Jumia is an online store in Nigeria where you can easily shop online for your favorite item and have them shipped to your door step. Jumia Android app makes it very easy to buy on Jumia directly from your Android phone and get latest update on your Android. The usefulness of this app is that, you easily have directly access to any ongoing promo and discount at the same time.

Android apps are numerous, but this ones are currently trending on playstore now.