If you cherish your smartphone please don’t open this link as it can crash your smartphone under few seconds. This annoying link is going round very fast on social media and it is capable of bringing down any smartphone, iPhone inclusinve according to the media.

According to Newsworldindian, the name of the link is ‘crashsafari.com’. It crashes browsers like Google Chrome and Safari by writing a thousand of unexpected character or line of code in your browser address bar  and before you know it, it will exhaust your device memory, says thenextwwb.com on Monday.

The said attack is just four lines of code  that crashes almost everything on your device and or reboot your phone and thus causes the phone to crash. It was even reported that the link also work against desktop browsers.

It leverages HTML5’s history.pushState, which is a JavaScript function used by most single page apps to update their address bar, and the fact still remains that the underlying page you are view might not change.

The link is being shared on social media with a shorten URL to form a kind of decoy for people to opening it and caused their browser not responding unless the device reboot completely, the report said.

Please share this with your friend so that they will not fall victim of this.