You may want to ask about “what make apple music” great and why is it that apple decided to roll out a new Apple music even when spotify seems to be better alternative before the new Apple music.

The module operand of Apple this day is seems to have taken the lead from Spotify even with new Apple music. Aside things been great on the side of Apple music, so also there are some great features of Apple TV that let you stream online on your Apple device.

Apple music is not the only thing that can really be considered so great about apple stuff, Apple games and Apple TV, most especially cannot be overlooked in this area of Apple output.

If you are using Apple, and probably you have upgraded your device firmware to iOS8.4, definitely you must have take note of the Apple music in the same spot reserved for the music icon on your phone.

Despite the fact that, there are some things that are great about Apple music but it can most annoying when you discovered that you can’t remove the Apple music icon from your phone. If you are a big fan of Apple and after you have upgraded your phone’s firmware to iOS 8.4, you find the Apple music icon, then you might want to find out the usefulness or the benefits of the newly launched Apple music.

And for that been one of the reasons why asking why Apple music, then you need to see why you should be content with Apple music without much complain.


If you are used to Spotify, you may find the Apple music playlist annoying but to be frank, it’s short and straight forward to understand, and in fact easily.  Unlike spotify that recommends for you based on particular opinion, rather it lay emphasize on the music itself and with this, you might as from that moment when you discover this, start falling in love with Apple music.

One thing about this Apple music is that, it seems to refresh your device and bring virtually all the music your have on your playlist to your hearing even with the one you don’t have passion for in the first place such as the “intro”.

Apple playlist is such that it arrange your song perfectly, such as arranging it in terms of popularity, the writer and basically on the genres.


Life itself is all about management and I thing Apple understood this and make it a priority while they were thinking about Apple music. For you to manage your music while dealing with streaming service, it likely going to be tough and rough, in fact it’s difficult. Proper management is what makes iOS music app and iTunes great and here it’s on the new Apple music.

If you are Spotify addict,  you may have to synchronize your music always before you can eventually find out the music you saved and the one you do not save. What Apple did was that, it auto-integrated the streaming component directly into the music app to enhance proper management and make it stress free to located your music on your phone easily.

Look Pretty

 I think to some extent the Apple music look great on your phone. It feels soft and like pretty, to be frank. The Apple music is colourful with a very nice tab, yet slick. At first, you might end up finding it confusing as time passes by and as you make yourself familiar with it, you will start to see the beauty of the newly developed Apple music.

There are so many goodies you can derive from the new Apple music which you can learn over time, it has to be a gradual process. And one more tips about Apple music, instead of comparing Spotify with Apply music, you can just decide to give Apple music days of full concentration to learn virtually new thing about it before passing your judgement.