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Telegram Web: How to Use Telegram Web on PC

Looking for how to use Telegram web or web Telegram? Whichever one of the two statement is your choice you will learn how to use Telegram for PC in this post just the way you can use Whatsapp on PC which is termed Whatsapp web.

If you are familiar with how Whatsapp web works you won’t have problem using Telegram for PC. In fact the Telegram web is very easy to use compared to using Whatsapp on PC.

Telegram is a mobile chat app which facilitates sending of messages to your friends just like other mobile chat apps. With telegram mobile app you can send to and receive messages from friends without using the normal SMS which incurs charge from your network provider.

Telegram uses your mobile number as user ID during registration and later lets you choose a username via settings. While connecting your Telegram account to PC there is no need for barcode.

Rather Telegram generates a one-time login key for your Telegram web and subsequently login to your website telegram without your phone.

How to Use Telegram Web on PC or Desktop

Here we show you step by step to use Telegram on PC or desktop the way you do use your Whatsapp web on PC without difficulties.

If at the end of this tutorial you are still not able to use Instagram on PC kindly leave a comment on the issues you encountered while trying to use it so that we can help provide solution to the Telegram PC login issue.

1. Open your browser either on PC, desktop and or on your smartphone. But for the sake of this tutorial we will use PC or desktop and visit web telegram page.

2. On Telegram login page select your country, country code and enter your phone number (The number you used during Telegram mobile registration) and hits next.telegram web

3. When you click on next, a pop message will show confirming your mobile number. If it’s correct click OK or cancel to re-enter it again.Telegram web

4. Telegram for PC will start generating keys for your telegram web account. The keys generation may last for couple of minutes just wait until it is done.

web Telegram

5. Telegram will send unique verification codes to your mobile number to verify that you truly owned the mobile number your entered.

telegram web

6. After this Telegram will loads all your Telegram friends and you can start chat with Telegram web on your PC.

How to Add Friends on Telegram Web to Your Friends List

Here we will show you how to add friends to your Telegram friend list directly from PC. The first thing Telegram web does is that it loads all your friends the first time to you login to web Telegram account which makes it very easy to add more friends to your Telegram chat list.

1. When you logged into your Telegram account on PC or desktop, click on the toggle beside Telegram to the right and click on contact.

telegram web

2. When you click on Contacts as shown from the image above Telegram will display all the contact you have on your registered and you can start adding your friends directly from your PC.telegram web

Note: To carry out other assignment on a specific friend such as share, block, see Telegram username simply click on friend image and click on more.

How to Use Telegram Web on Chrome Browser Using Chrome Extension

Another way to gain access to your Telegram account once you logged into it once on your PC using Chrome is to use Chrome extension for easy access. This makes it quicker and stress free.

With this there will be no need to before you can login to your Telegram on PC again.

So, here we will quickly consider how to access Telegram web with Chrome extension.

1. Download and install web telegram Chrome extension which is about 4mb. 

telegram web

2. At this time, Telegram will forward login code to your Telegram phone telling you that you’ve logged from another device. Then copy the code and verify that you are still the same person again.

telegram web

Note: If you have any files, videos, audios or voice messages on your Telegram account you will be able to access them directly on your Telegram PC account.

Piece of Cake

Once you have successfully set up you Telegram for PC  or desktop on your computer you will no longer need to follow the same procedure before you can connect to your Telegram messages on your PC.

You will either have to click on Telegram Chrome extension or visit web telegram official page and you will be taken to your page directly.

Were you able to use this method to connect Telegram web for you PC? Please share your moment with us to be able to serve you better.

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