We published the list of Tecno Phones this mid week for your enjoyment and today, we are looking at the best Tecno Android phones that rock the Nigeria mobile market. If you are not using Tecno phone, then you must have someone very close that is using Tecno Android phone.

Few of those people are that using Tecno mobile phones knows why Tecno is trending in Nigeria. Tecno Android phones are just like Lenovo laptops, they offer value for your money and they give you reasons to come back next time.

Tecno has since released more than 20 different types of Tecno phones to Nigeria market, both Android and non-Android. Irrespective of your purse, you will always get that Tecno mobile phone you have been dreaming of and wanting to get before its leaves back it trending name.

We all know that, both high end Tecno phones and low end Tecno mobile phones offer value for your money, however, which Tecno Android phone is best for your consumption? Well, I won’t let the burden of picking your best Tecno phone in Nigeria be yours alone and as a result, I will be sharing with you 5 must have Tecno phones that you will always enjoy, and believe it, they worth of their specs.

Tecno Phantom 5


The first on the list is Tecno Phantom 5. Tecno Phantom 5 actually brought Tecno devices to premium stage with much to ask why about the design, the battery capacity, the device RAM and the FingerPrint security scanner. The Tecno Phantom 5 has always been my favorite Tecno phone ever since inception of Tecno Android phones in Nigiera.
For the fact that Tecno Phantom 5 is a premium smartphone, the price offers value for what you are buying. 

Tecno Camon C8


If you don’t know about Tecno Camon C8, then you are not following Tecno latest device that rocks. The Tecno Camon C8 is a pre-photographic tool for those that love taking neat and clear picture on the go. The moment you know what is best for you when you want to pick a premium smartphone whose price falls beloww #35,000 then, Tecno CAamon C8 should be your first impression. The Tecno C8 price in Nigeria falls between #25,000 – #35,000.

Tecno Phantom Z and Tecno Phantom Z Mini


Back in 2014, Tecno Phantom Z and Tecno Phantom Z mini rock Nigeria market and give no room for any other mobile manufacturer to have its stand as expected. You would expect that a 2 years old Tecno phones should have fell behind the back door, but trust me, Tecno Phantom Z and Tecno Phantom Mini still have one of the best rating in Tecno Android phones in Nigeria. With just #40,000 -#50,000, you will enjoy the best of Tecno Phantom Z and its Mini variant.

Tecno R7


There is time for everything, so they say but when you know what your audience wants, you can easily give the best. Tecno R7 in Nigeria market stands tall among its competitors. The 2GB Tecno R7 runs on 6-core processor with a Corning Gorila HD glass for screen protection. The Tecno R7 price in Nigeria ranges from #35,000-#45,000