You can now tag your friends on group chat using hashtag “@”. The latest Whatsapp instant messenger lets you tag your friends on Whatsapp group chat just as you can easily tag any of your friends on other social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Whatsapp new features allow users to use “@” symbol to tag a friend when you are in a group chat. ¬†If you are reading this post, you either belong to one Whatsapp group or you want to learn how to tag your friends on Whatsapp using the newly introduced hashtag symbol for whatsapp.

The new update was made available on both Android, iOS and Blackberry device pending the time the IM will stop working on Blackberry. However, the new hashtag for tagging friends on Whatsapp isn’t working on Whatsapp web for now.

This post will walk you through how you can use hashtag on Whatsapp group chat to tag a friend to precisely called his attention to a post or comment in the group. However, for you to be able to use the new Whatsapp hashtag for tagging friends in a group, you should make sure the following are in place.

How to tag your friends on Whatsapp group chat

What Can I Do To Use Whatsapp Hashtag in a Group to Tag a Friend

If you want to use this new Whatsapp feature that let users tags one or more friend in a group, then the following are important.

1. Update your Whatsapp IM

2. Belong to at least one group

3. Must be able to locate your “@” symbol

How to Tag a Friend on Whatsapp in a Group Chat

Under this headline, we will walk you through the simple and step-by-step procedure you have to follow to be able to use Whatsapp new hashtag to be able to tag your friend.

  1. Download the new Whatsapp IM or update your existing Whatsapp app to enable the feature through Google PlayStore.
  2. Navigate to any group your belong to on Whatsapp and type “@” without quote
  3. A list of your friends in the group will pop up for you to select who you want to tag, then select his or her name
  4. Use the hashtag symbol “@” each time you want to tag a new group member. Meaning that you have to type “@” every time for you to be able to tag multiple group member
  5. Then click send button. Your friends will be tagged instantly
  6. Instantly, the friend will be notified personally that some one from the group “group name” tagged him or her.

Note: You can also tag a friend who you haven’t stored or saved his contact before.

Is Whatsapp Group Hashtag For Everybody?

This a controversial statement from my end. Once you Whatsapp is updated, you will be able to use the new Whatsapp hashtag feature¬†EXCEPT those that hides themselves from the group or try to operate on low key that doesn’t what to read group member messages.

But if you mute group chat notification for the moment, you will still be able to tag your friends in the group.

Disadvantage of New Whatsapp Hashtag Feature

While the new Whatsapp hashtag feature that let users tags their friends is a great feature and update, the disadvantage of the new features lies in not able to use it with web whatsapp. Since I prefer using Whatsapp web chat while on PC, so I consider this as a disadvantage of the new Whatsapp hashtag feature.

Have you tried the new Whatsapp hashtag feature? Were you able to tag your friends on Whatsapp group?