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SSYOUTUBE: How To Download YouTube Video Adding “ss” to the URL

There are many stand-alone, software, video downloader and many more that can easily download videos from online sites such as YouTube provided the videos are not set to restriction by the uploaded. And one of the stand alone video download is ssYouTube.

Mostly, to download videos online depends on operating system. For windows adding “ss” to YouTube video URL is one of the fastest means to download YouTube video. As in, suppose the YouTube video URL is ”” add ss to the URL as this “” will download the video redirecting it to a stand alone site called and then redirect the video to to generate a download button for the video.

If you have a hard time downloading YouTube video without downloader on any gadget such as smartphone, iPhone, windows phone and even on PC you can easily add “ss” to the video URL and hits enter button to redirects you to a download page on savefrom net website.

What is ssYouTube?

SS YouTube is a stand alone YouTube downloader to grab videos from YouTube sites. Meanhwile you can download videos from Facebook without adding ss to the video using

SS YouTube is a subsidiary of the popular YouTube video downloader, to grab video directly from YouTube. The way ss YouTube works different from most YouTube video downloader.

Meanwhile for Ubuntu users, ClipGrab work better to download YouTube video faster than adding ss to the YouTube URL.

How to Download YouTube Video Using SSYouTube

The smartest stand alone and addon software to download YouTube video is ss YouTube. It makes it faster than other YouTube movies or video downloader.

However for the sake of how to download YouTube video adding ss to the YouTube video here is the exact steps to follow to grab any YouTube video not restricted for download by the uploader.

1. You may want to visit YouTube and search for any video you want to download using the search bar

2. Adding “ss” to the video URL and click the enter button. Suppose was the video URL you want to download then it will now becomes

Note: Kindly don’t forget adding ss before YouTube as “ssYouTube” along side other codes.

3. You will be redirected from to with a generated button to download the said video.


4. Click on the drop menu to the right of download button to select your video output. After that, softly click on download to start downloading video.


How to Download YouTube Videos As MP3 Using SSYouTube

Another feature of ss YouTube to downloading YouTube video is to easily download video as MP3 adding “ss” to YouTube URL. Adding ss to YouTube as will minimized the stress of downloading YouTube videos as HD MP3.

The steps below depicts how to download YouTube videos as MP3 adding ss to YouTube video URL.

1. Visit YouTube and search for the video you want to convert to HD/MP3. Add ss to the video URL as and hits the enter button or click on search button on YouTube.

2. You will be redirected to To download the video as HD/MP3 click the MP3 button to start downloading your MP3.


How to Download YouTube Video Without SS i.e No- ssYouTube

Still using the same stand alone site to download videos from YouTube but in this case, stand alone addon will be used. the parent site of also has a browsers’ addon to download YouTube video right on YouTube video page.

1. Download and install Google Chrome browser plugin.

2. Restart your Google browser to integrate the save from plugin to able to use ss YouTube plugin feature on YouTube video.

3. Now, visit YouTube and search for the video you want to download. Don’t add ss to the video url (

4. Scroll down the YouTube video page and you will see an integrated download button added to the YouTube video by the parent site of

Finally, you can now download YouTube video adding ss to YouTube video URL. What is your experience so far with

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