Lemon orange is one the agricultural farm products I know much about. We squeeze thousands of lemon orange by hand back in the days before we upgraded into use of stones to squeezing it, still local means though.

Practising farming widen my knowledge about most farm products and how to utilize them to the fullest locally. We have hundreds of lemon orange stands, and we pluck thousands of them per season. Being a local types, what we enjoy the most about lemon orange is to squeeze it just as if we were catching fun.

To squeeze lemon orange by hand isn’t hard and you don’t need expert guide before you can squeeze tons of Oranges. Although, we don’t know much about modernized use of Lemon orange back in the days but, it is of great importance when it come to making local herb from lemon ornage.

Gathering tons of lemon ornages at home makes us to squeezed tens of gallon of Orange juice through the local process by hand. Lately, we discovered that lemon orange on its own is a beverage without adding any additional ingredient, great and we enjoy the best out of it often.

Through this is a short guide, I will teach how to squeeze lemon orange by hand, how you can preserve your lemon orange juice for further use, and how to properly dispose the lemon peels after squeezing out the juice it.

The following steps guide you through how to squeeze lemon orange by hand. You need then following to get started: Knife, straight plank/table, clean plate and a bowl (small though).

1. Watch the orange very well to remove all the dirty attached to it and dry away the water it body (adhesive)

2. Place your lemon orange on the table horizontally and cut it into two equal part using the knife ( No need to be accurate though)

3. Then, pick up the first part of the lemon and let certain part of the orange be freed from your fingers and press it perfectly to squeeze out the juice. Squeeze to perfect to get the entire juice in it.

Squeeze lemon orange by hand

4. Repeat the process for the second part of the orange and that is, you have successfully squeezed your lemon orange by hand in just few seconds.

5. Pack the remnants of the orange into the bowl and dispose it ( read how to dispose it below)

Then, how do you preserve your squeezed lemon orange for future use?

This is obviously very much easy. When you are done squeezing your lemon orange, pour in into a cup, perhaps with a cover and put it into your freezer to freeze it for preservation. For consumption of your lemon Orange, just get few from the frozen one and you are good to go!

Squeeze lemon orange by hand

The next thing is how to properly dispose your lemon orange reminant when you have squeezed out the lemon juice.

When the remnants start roting, it irritate very much, so as a result there is a need for proper disposition.

It is advisable to dig a hole, and pour the reminant in there. Or better still sun dry it and use it as a mosquito coil (hahaha, local mosquito coil).