Once you are done with writing your blog post and you hit the enter button, the next thing that will likely come to your mind would be that the post should published instantly and display as the latest post on your blog. As it were, the entire blogger in blog-o-sphere believes a published post would display on the home page but if the post did not show, you must be wondering about what the likely problem might be.

Probably you will be thinking that it’s your hosting problem or whatsoever but irrespective of your thought, there is always a lasting solution. On Saturday 27th/06/2015 I was able to write some epic post after spending over 4 hours but to my surprise the post showed while refreshing my homepage on the browser but didn’t show on phone when I try to confirmed whether those that were schedule have been published but surprisingly, none of them all showed up on the homepage, in fact couldn’t find the post on the blog page yet the dashboard displayed the posts has published post.

As instructed by one of the “Nigeria biggest phone advertising blog” admin when I contacted him via whatsapp, his little suggestion resolved the issue with first attempt. Without mincing words, here is what you should do when you publish a post and the post failed to appear on your homepage if you are using latest post as your blog static homepage.

Post Not Displaying After Been Published

If you are using a cache plugin, clear your site cache first and refresh your blog page to see if it’s working perfectly again. If it doesn’t work, proceed to the step below

1. On your Admin dashboard and click on all post

Wordpress post not displaying

2. Navigate to publish post and quick edit all the concern post and then select draft from the drop down menu to return the post back to draft.

Wordpress post not displaying

3. Then, click on edit to now fully edit the post. On the post editor page, just scroll down and re-publish again and everything should by now work perfect again.

Wordpress post not displaying

This method work like magic t bring your wordpress post back to normal when you publish it and it fails to display on the homepage.