Solarmovies Review: How to Watch And Download Movies on Solar Movies

Solar movies is a clean and light weight website to download and watch free movies online. If you want to watch latest movies online, TV shows, TV series you can always refer to solarmovies as one of the best websites to watch movies them on the internet.

Meanwhile, solar movies is a website to watch movies online for free and without registration. Not that you don’t have to register as a solarmovies user but you can stream movies for free without registration or sign up for a free account.

So, here in this post I will reveal everything you need to know about solarmovies stand alone website such as how to watch movies from solar website without registration, register as a new user if you care to, and how to download videos from solar movies.

What is SolarMovies?

Solar movies is a website where you can download and watch free movies online without registration and at no cost. Just like Putlocker movies site, Solar movies sc is yet another clean website where you can search for any movie of your choice, TV shows, comedy, TV series and watch online for free.

The only limitation I found it difficult to watch movies for free on solarmovies is lack of strong internet connection. In fact if you are not surfing the internet with 3G on your local network you may find it difficult to stream movies smoothly on solar movies.

However, the best way to enjoy solar movies free movies is with the use of strong Wi-Fi connection or better still endeavor to download you favorite movies on solar and watch at your own leisure time.

Here in this post we will take a close look at solar movies review as regard how to register an account on Solar movies website to be able to have access to the website entire features, watch movies for free on solar movies and finally, reveal step by step procedure to download movies from solarmovies.

How to Register Free Solarmovies Account

While it is not compulsory to register on solar movies site before you can stream your favorite movies you still need to register to be able to enjoy the full feature of the free movies online site. As a registered user you will be able to search for movies once and add it to your favorite for easy access when next you needs to watch search for the same movies.

The following procedure quickly guide you through how to register a free solar movies account on your machine (smartphone and PC)

1. You may want to visit solarmovies registration page on a device with internet connection and click on login to the top right of the page or access registration page direction from here. As a new user click on join now and fill in your details and click on register button.


2. Note that solar movies registration does not required email verification. Meaning that you can use temporary email address to register an account in solar movies but it’s not advisable if you want to be a long solar movies registered member.

3. Click on your profile to the right of Solarmovies page and to add necessary information like Facebook page, upload profile picture and change your account password.


Note: You can just play around your profile page to put things in place normally and try to check notification for proper settings.

How to Watch Movies on SolarMovies for Free

The core purpose of this post is to reveal to you how to watch movies on solarmovies websites for free with or without registration. Following the procedure below you will be able to watch movies of your choice on solar movies from free even without registration.

1. You may want to visit solarmovies website to search for the movie you want to watch from the homepage or through category or using the search box to search for it. For my own search I used the search box to searched for game of thrones and it returns game of thrones’ result from different episode.


2. You can just click on view all or click on the one you want to watch from the one displayed. And for this post I went for game of thrones 6.


3. To view all episode take a look right side with quick play option and click on view all episode or click on the play button like icon to start streaming.


4. If you have a very strong internet connection the video will try to buffer and then begins to play once the buffering is done.

Solar Movies

Click on the next button to play next movie or click on favorite video to add it to your favorite. But you must be a registered member on solarmovies to be able to favorite a movie.

How to Download Movies From SolarMovies

One of the things that gave me headache on solar movies is simply how to download movies from the website. As it were, the website doesn’t have an integrated button to grab videos once. However, if you love to have a copy of your favorite solarmovies video then let’s ride together.

One of those websites to download solar movies is TubeOffline but the stand alone website is full of pop up ads which is really frustrating. Meanwhile, if you can cope with little pop up ads then you can use Tubeoffline to grab movies from solarmovies website.


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