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Snapchat Names: How to Search for Snapchat Usernames

There is tenacity that you want to search Snapchat names of your friends and family, old school mates, your boy and girl friends.

Well, there is no big deal is doing this. Once you login to snapchat and you will be welcome to snapchat online, in fact the first shout out is welcome on snapchatter board.

If you are new to Snapchat you will find this post very interesting and you will be able to reach tons of your friends on Snapchat.

How to Sign Up for Snapchat?

Snapchat is just like any other smartphone apps that let you connect with friends and family once you know their snapchat user name but with no Desktop version.

Snapchat username is individual snapchat means of identification so that your friends can search for your username and add you to their snapchat account.

You must choose a unique and a memorable snapchat username when you want to sign up so that you can easily tell it to a friend to add you when the need arise.

The procedure below walks you through  the entire step you need to sign up a snapchat account, pick a username and start chilling with your fellas on snapchat app.

1. Download your device Snapchat app (Android & iOS), install it and click on Sign up

Snapchat names

2. Fill in your first and last name and click on sign up accept button below

Snapchat names

3. Fill in your birthday date, month and year and then press continue

4. Choose a unique Snapchat username and click on continue when the app confirmed that your username is available.

Snapchat names

5. A new window will open, enter your correct phone number and snapchat will put a call through to your for your account verification codes or send the verification codes as an SMS depending on your choice of verification.

That is it, you have successfully signed up for a Snapchat account.

Snapchat Names: How to Login to Snapchat

If you followed the above steps correctly you will be able to sign up for Snapchat successfully, then the next thing is to login to Snapchat and start digging deep with your snapchat friends.

To login to snapchat is quite easy and their is no high technical knowledge required, however, to login to your snapchat account just follow the single step below to start exploring the app.

Launch the installed app after successful registration and enter your Snapchat login details to login with just a click.

Snapchat names

Congratulations, you have successfully login to your Snapchat account. Now how do you search for Snapchat names?

Check the next procedure below….

How to Search Snapchat Names and Add all your Friends

Once you successfully login to your Snapchat account using your Snapchat username and password, the first thing your will see is to either take a photo or a video to start sharing your moment with fellow snapchatter but who will you share your moment with if you don’t have an active snapchat names or usernames as your friend?

However, here we will take a look at how to search snapchat names or snapchat usernames for both girls and boys.

How to Add Snapchat Names Using Quick Add Method

There are few direction you could follow to add snapchat friends usernames even without knowing them before registration, and here are the methods.

1. While you are on the login homepage of Snapchat account, click on chat to the left bottom of your page and a list of your snapchat names will be displayed as sync by Snapchat app based on your phone contact.

2. To add then to your snapchat friend list, just click on add in front of the username and the person would be added to your friend list.

And that method is called quick add method

How to Add Snapchat Names Using Search Bar

Snapchat has an exclusive search bar to search for snapchatter usernames once you know the username you want to search for. Just like the way you search for friends and family names on Facebook, you can also search for your boys  and girls’ friends on snapchat.

1. While at your homepage, swipe your phone screen to the left from right and click on search bar above my story

2. Enter the exact match of the username your are search for and a suggestion will come up, then click on add tab after the name and the username will be added to your friend list.

How to Add Snapchat Names Using Add friends

If you already have a friend you want to add to your snapchat friendly, then you can easily use add friends option to add your friends snapchat usernames.

While you are on your snapchat homepage, swipe to the left and click on Add Friends.  A list of options will be displayed for you to choose from. You can add your Friends’ snapchat usernames through username, from your phone contact, snapcodes, and nearby.

How to Add Snapchat Names From Nearby

This seems to be the easiest method of adding Snapchat usernames to your snapchat friend list in your location. Using this method can amount to adding unknown snapchat names to your list, meanwhile, it’s still an easy way to gather numerous snapchatters within few hours.

1. Once you login to your snapchat account, swipe your device screen to the left and click on Add Friends, scroll down and click on add nearby.

2. You will be prompted to enable location on your phone to be able to add near snapchat names, click okay to enable location.

3. Snapchat will search for nearby Snapchat usernames and prompt you to add username once done search.

Were you able to add your favorite Snapchat names or usernames to your Snapchat friend list? Well, you can add me with dotma_maven and let roll together on Snapchat.

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