Android launcher gives Android device a nice and beffiting menu. By default, all Android phones are pre-installed with a launcher. And often times, you may want to take your Android device to next level by installing different types of launchers so that you can easily switch from one to another.

Before you can set a default launcher on your Android, you must have at least two different Android launchers. Even if your favourite Android launcher is from an apk site, you can still set the default one as long as you have more than one.

Changing of Android default launcher is something that is likely to be popping up always, depending on the option you opted in for. If you opted in for ‘once’, that is to set your Android launcher to be default at that particular time and you can also choose ‘alway’ to set you Android launcher default pending the time you will restart your phone.

So, it all depends and here I will share with you how to set default launcher on Android device with just a single click.

In setting my own default launcher, I will use Nova Launcher. And if you don’t really know the best Android launcher for your smartphone, here are the collections of Android Launchers I have played around with.

1. Download and install your favourite Android launcher

2. Press the menu key once and the list of your launchers will be displayed.

Android default launcher

3.Select the launcher you want to set as default and select once or always depending on your interest.

Android default launcher

4. To keep switching your Android default launcher, select just once otherwise select always.

That is all you need to do to set a default Android launcher on your smartphone.