If your laptop or desktop is running Windows 10, by default some apps are set to be your default apps. For instance, if you want to browse or open a link you will have to use your PC web browser which is set by default.

It is good to note that you can change this default windows apps via settings and also note that these default apps were set during the Windows OS installation.

Meanwhile, in the short post we will share with you how to change windows 10 defualt apps and set your own preference instead of using the default apps.

On your windows 10, go to setting and navigate to system-default apps and the list of apps set for your windows 10 default will be shown. Few of the default apps for windows 10 include, music, map, photo gallery and the list go on.


If you keep scrolling down, you will keep seeing your windows 10 default apps in terms of priority. But to keep your off the stress simply use the search box to search for your favourite apps you wanted to set as default.

In the lineage, you also have in the option to set to set your favourite and default apps based on protocol.


You also have option to select any app and set it to be default for a particular file.


That is all, so with this short post you should be able to set your default apps on your windows 10 differs from the factory set default apps.