Before now we disclosed that Whatsapp is crashing out support Blackberry and some other old Android phones. This was announced on Whatsapp official blog that by the end of this year, Blackberry users will no longer have access to Whatsapp app their Blackberry device except the one that runs on Android OS.

That implies that, Blackberry priv will be able to still make do with Blackberry because it runs on Android OS. Meanwhile for the time being, you can still enjoy the new Whatsapp features that let you share document files directly from your Whatsapp apps.


Take for instance that you wanted to send a .doc file to a friend, you may have to send the file via mailing but with Whatsapp, you can easily send the file directly from your phone without accessing your email.

As simple as it were, that will also save you some cost and walk around.

Are you asking “how do I send document on my whatsapp”? Well, there is nothing spectacular that you really need to do. All you have to do is follow the step below and you will be able to send document or file on your whatsapp to a friend directly.

Firstly, make sure you whatsapp app is up to date otherwise, download the latest Whatsapp from their official site.

Once updated, click on the name you want to send the file to and click on the drop down menu from the top right of the page, then select document.

You will be prompt to select the file and then send like normal message.

NOTE: If after you have updated your whatsapp, the option didn’t show up, kindly restart your phone and it will show up.

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This is a guest post by Engadgetng