Black friday is fast approaching. Konga and Jumia have started their campaign. Phones manufacturers are targeting Nigeria black friday to launch their new phones and making pre-order available on this faithful day.

Black friday is a big fish day for all buyers. Black friday on Jumia or Konga is more than a mere celebration. The two online store and some others uses Black friday to play wiw-win game between themselves and buyers.

To enjoy this win win strategy by these online stores, you need a secret on how you can operate the black friday successfully and save yourself more money.

Of course you don’t have time to read stories about black friday but you are conscious of saving more money on black friday. Meanwhile I have few black friday secret that will help you save few more bucks if you follow them correctly.

1. Install Price Tracker

If you have an Android phone, this should not be your problem. By just installing your favorite price track app, you will be able to juxtapose between prices on different stores.

The idea is that, you need to keep your two eyes open to enjoy a splash sales on Black friday. With apps like this, you don’t need to login to either Jumia or Kong’s website before knowing the price of your targeting product.

2. Compare Product Price

There are lots of products to order for on black friday. But you need to keep an eye on the price and compare product price. You don’t necessarily needs to buy from a specific store, say Konga or Jumia, always endeavour to checkout which site has the most favorable price that suits you.

3. SignUp For News Letter

It is quite unfortunate than many don’t do this. Be the first to get information is the best way to stay at alert. Subscribing to your favorite online store newsletter will give you a edge ahead of others on what is currently trending on the site.

When you subscribe to your favourite store newsletter, you will be among the first few people to hear about it and probably take action.

4. Install Your Favorite Store MobileApp

Both Jumia and Konga has mobile app to get it first. In fact when you shop using Jumia or Konga app, you are entitled to a certain voucher and discount.

Is as good as doing the shopping on your phone browser. First hand assignment for you to do if you want to save big on black friday either on Jumia or Konga is to install their mobile app.

5. Rock Your Black Friday

Black friday is not for fun, make use of the opportunity and save more money. Prepare toward that day and have a specific product to buy and stop gambling or which one is best for you.

Enjoy your black friday.