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How to Root Android Device Using Kingo Root

Kingo root is one of the best Android root master that can be used to root any Android device.

Kingo root can be installed on Windows with direct downloadable .exe file and apk file for Android for you to be able to root your Android phone directly without the use of computer of laptop or PC.

With the help of Kingo root, you can root your Android device raw without computer and without PC. And with the help of only Kingo root apk file that can be installed on your phone with the help of apk installer or without connecting your phone to your computer all.

Using Kingo root to root Android phone is as easy as ABC but don’t just forget that the more you get closer to your Android phone the more you get familiar to it but using Kingo root to root your desired Android phone manually or without the use of computer is a one way traffic system you should use.

How to Root Any Phone Using Kingo Root

The following steps will reveal to you how to root any Android phone using Kingo root under unimaginable minimal minutes ever.

1. If you are try to grant root access to your Android phone for the first time you need to enable developer’s option via the phone build number.

Navigate to settings—>about phone–>build number (Click on it multiple times until it tells you developer’s option enabled)

2. Enable USB debugging mode on your Android through the developer’s option enabled from (1) above. To enable debugging mode on your phone follow this direction. Settings–Developer–USB Debugging–Enable (Mark/Tick).

2. Download and install Kingo root apk to your Android direct to root it directly or download kingo root for PC. Meanwhile we will use PC to root your Android device.

3. Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB and launch the Kingo root installed on your computer as instructed from step 2.

4. Once you have connected your device, Kingo root will auto detect your Android name provided you enable debugging and then try to verify your phone root permission.

kingo root

5. Click on root button to start your Android rooting process. Once the root succeeded you phone may restart, it is normal OK?


6. After rooting, Kingo root will restart your smartphone and upon full load you will see that Kingo root has installed SuperUser app on your phone.


7. To verify whether your phone now have root access or not after the installation of SuperUser app on your phone by Kingo root, download and install root checker app and run a scan with the app to verify your phone root access.

This is a guaranteed method you can use to root any Android phone with Kingo root on PC without any problem.

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