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Do You Remember The Old Good Nokia?

Let me ask you a question first. How old are you mate? If you are like twenty years old I bet you will know this mobile industry and it will be fun to remember, however, for those youngsters it might be interesting to see how their ‘ancestry’ has lived for some time.

I need to say that mobile industry has changed really quickly and there are some really significant changes that you will see in this text which makes the mobile industry so important for our nowadays lives. Let’s take Nokia company as an example, as it is one of the most leading mobile industries all around the world and find out what changes has been implemented through 10 years or so and how did it change our lives till now on.

Nokia 3310 – 2000

Yeah I bet you have been waiting till I will mention this device. The very good old Nokia 3310 was a really reliable device that was not so easy to break. Moreover, some would say that it was created for messaging addicts as it had a feature that let the messages to be longer than usual – even 459 characters per each message and allowed to display the chats in an easy form. Also it was one of the most successful phones during the history as the company has sold more than one million units. Can you imagine that?


Nokia 6800 – 2004

Doesn’t it look funny? Well even though the design doesn’t seem to be very attractive, this was not created just to be beautiful. The main purpose of Nokia 6800 was to be a messaging device. At this point I need to admit that it has played its major role. The main feature that is outstanding is that you could use an owerty keyboard with this phone or use it as a usual device – depends on your wish.

Nokia 6830

Nokia N90 – 2005

Believe me or not, this phone is actually considered to be a smartphone even though it doesn’t actually look like the one from nowadays.  The evolutionary thing here is that it has proved that phones can finally be coalescing and was the most overtly converged device. Since it is the ‘father’ of such phones like Xperia or Note 3s, it has proved its multi-functionality that lets to consider it as roots of smartphones.

Nokia N90

Nokia N93 – 2006

This phone is directly related to the evolution of video industry in mobile phones. Nokia N93 was all about multimedia as it was adapted to function as an easy to hold camcorder or a desktop screen for video playback. Even though in reality the camera by itself didn’t work so well, it was more available to take pictures. However, it was considered to be the world’s finest camera phone. Did you have it?

Nokia N93

Nokia Lumia 1020 -2013

We are already here, the age we are living in and this smartphone should be well-known for you. In my opinion, Nokia 1020 was the best camera phone ever since it was created. Instead of that, it is worth to be called a smartphone as it is so multifunctional – you can easily navigate the phone through the touchscreen, you can shop at the marketplace or do what it’s supposed to – call or message. This phone has brought up the best possibilities ever.

Nokia Lumia 1020

So did you have any of these phones? Well if yes I bet you are a part of the history right now and you will be able to tell your youngsters how the old good Nokia has looked like years ago. Isn’t it interesting?

This is a guest post by Judita Maslauskaite: Judita Maslauskaite is a passionate blogger and communicator. She writes all things tech at Host1Plus, an international hosting service provider, based in UK, London.”

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