Quickteller make it easy to send money to your family and friends in Nigeria, pay utility bills such as PHCN and pay DSTv subscription fee, GOTv subscription fee. Buying airtime online and data bundle with quickteller is one of the easiest things to be done on www.quickteller.com. With www.quickteller service, you can always maintain the cashless policy and begin to move around without load of money.

Here in this post you will learn things that can be done on Quickteller website, www.quickteller.com including how to make payment successfully on quickteller, transfer money on quickteller, pay for your utility bills on quickteller.

Quickteller service has created a platform of trust worthiness in Nigeria over the past few years. All you need to do to start using quickteller to send money, pay for DSTv subscription, is to just sign up for Quickteller account for free.

After you have successfully signed up for quickteller account, what next to be done is to login to your quickteller account whenever you want to make transaction and transact with ease without benefits of doubt.

Over the years in Nigeria, Quickteller has build a name for itself with millions of users daily with fast and on-time delivery online internet banking money transfer.

We list below some considerable things you can do with www.quickteller.com in Nigeria with your mobile phone if you actually don’t want to use Quickteller sort code *322# on your smartphone to send any money.

Pay PHCN from www.quickteller.com Utility Bills Option

The old National electric power authority bill which is now power holding company of Nigeria can be paid using Quickteller service from your comfort zone. While on Quickteller site, you can pay for Benin electricity distribution company postpaid bills, Cross River water board, Edo waste management bills, Enugu electricity distribution comapny bills, Eko electricity distribution Plc postpaid bills, Eko electricity distribution company Plc prepaid bills, Enugu stat water corporation bills, Ibadan electricity distribution company bills, Ibadan electricity distribution company prepaid bills etc on quickteller website or using quickteller sort codes.

It is obvious that PHCN or NEPA bill often cause causalty when ones light is disconnected unaware even when you have not paid your utility bills. But to play safe, you can always pay your NEPA bill or PHCN bill with the help of quickteller service.

The procedure provided below will let you pay your PHCN bill from the comfort of your home using Quickteller service.

How to Pay PHCN Bill Using Quickteller

If you have signed up for quickteller before, you should be able to login to your quickteller account without any hindrance, if however you just want to sign up for new quickteller account, read our previous post on how to open and verify quickteller account.

1. Login to your quickteller PHCN account

2. Enter your customer account number and other details, and then click on continue


3. Then follow the next step to finish your transaction.

How to Pay your DSTv Subscription on Quickteller

Another benefit of quickteller include ability to pay your DSTv subscription without going to ATM stand or DSTv office or using GTbank internet banking.

The procedure is very easy and it can be found in one of our articles about Quickteller

How to Renew GOTv subscription using Quickteller

The steps below will walk you through how to renew your GOTv subscription when you visit www.quickteller.com.

From the drop down menu, select the amount you want to subscribe


Click continue and enter your GOTv decoder number (ICU) found at the base of your decoder


Then follow the on-screen to complete your transaction. It is quiet easy to do

How to Transfer Fund on www.quickteller.com

You can also transfer fund on quickteller without fear. The service is fast, secure and reliable. Below procedure will walk you through how to use quickteller to transfer fund from one bank to another.

1. Login to your quickteller account fund transfer page

2. Select the destination you want to transfer the fund to, select the account type and enter the bank account. Quickteller will sync the name of the account  and then click on continue button.


3. Click on transfer fund button at the bottom of the page. You will only be charged just N100 for the transaction


Once you click on the transfer button, you are done and you have successfully transfer fund to another bank account using Quickteller.