We can attest to the effect of smartphone brightness and its effect on our eyes. Whether you are a blogger that sit in front of your PC or Smartphone to blog or a smartphone users, you will notice that the effect of your smartphone brightness pertaining to your eyes effect isn’t something you can joke with.

Gone are the day when our parent prevent us from sitting close to TV while watching our favourite TV show but they cannot stop us from using our computer. Even at that, our parent prefer to get us Laptop or desktop screen protector to protect our eyes from the effect of the screen brightness.

Despite the fact that parent measure were pit in place to control the rate we expose our eyes to direct screen brightness, we need to find a way to manipulate our device screen to have minimal effect on our eyes.

If you were like myself that is not found of using sun shade while using my phone or browsing, definitely you would have searched for a better way to control the effect of your gadget brightness and how you can effectively control it.

This post we are going to consider this morning and push before you the best and smart way to control your gadget brightness so as to have minimal effect on your eyes.


1. Adjust Your Gadget Brightness

Adjusting your device brightness using the device inbuilt feature is an essential feature of all gadget. Virtually new age gadget has either manual control or automatic brightness control. To reduce the effect of bright screen on your eyes, use this feature according to your present situation, better still you can decide to go for automatic brightness control so that you device will auto adjust itself to suits it present environment.

2. Create A Gap Between You And Your Smartphone

If you are not having any eyes problem, this is what you can do all the time. Avoid be close to your smartphone when at use to help protect your eyes. Base on our research, the best way to hold your smartphone is to hold it 15 inches away from your eyes instead of the conventional 8 inches to reduce the effect of the device brightness on your eyes.

3. Apply The 20-20-20 Rules

The 20-20-20 is funny but is very effective and efficient to help protect your eyes from brightness effect. For every 20 minutes of maximum concentration on your smartphone screen, take a break of 20 seconds and look at something which is at least 20 meter away from you and be able to identify it correctly.

4. Blink Continuously And You Won’t Loose Concentration

No matter what you are, maximum concentration might be demanded, so we don’t go against that but… Always endeavour to blink continuously as you continue staring at the screen of your smartphone. The simplicity is that, blinking always helps to reduce dryness and moisture.

5. Afford To Use Reading Glass If You Can Afford To

If you are addicted to smartphone, endeavour to start using reading glass or screen protected on your smartphone to help reduce the effect of brightness on your eyes. Reading glass will protect your eyes from direct brightness effect and your smartphone brightness will have minimal effect.

I can stand the effect of my smartphone brightness at times, then I have to work on at least one of these guide to help protect my eyes and maintain moisture and dryness.