NYSC call up letter isn’t longer the way it used to be, prospective corps member don’t do print there call up letter before rather, each prospective corp member will have to go his or her respective school to collect it by hand but this time, things have changed where prospective corp member have to print there call up letter in order to be able to check their respective deployment state.

Call up letter to prospective corp member is a government identity to identify a qualified prospect after school. Conventionally, graduate under 30 years is qualify to serve his father’s land; the so called NYSC (National Youth Service Corp)

If you don’t know how to print your NYSC call up letter, here is the quickest way to print your call up letter. Firstly, I will advice you to check your email for your call up letter update and if nothing was found, then the next option is for you to print it directly from NYSC official website.

How To Print NYSC Call Up Letter

Following the procedure below, you will be able to print your NYSC call up letter so that you will be able to know your sdeployment state.

1. Visit NYSC official site, and login with you details

2. Click on login at the right handside as shown in the image below

NYSC call up letter

3. Once you are logged in, click on print call up letter from the list and your call up letter will start downloading If you are using mobile.

NYSC call up letter

Were you able to print your NYSC call up letter? Please let us know via the comment section.